[book] [review] PERAHU KERTAS (PAPER BOAT)

Yaay,, this is my first book review. I love books, I have a lot of them stock up in my house. but rather than review all of them I will review my favorite books I’ve read recently instead.


Once upon a time there was a girl name Kugy who used to float a paper boat from the every river she met around her house. she believes that she is a Neptune’s agent and she has a secret purposes and mission from Neptune by being born on this earth. And the only way to communicate to her boss (which is Neptune – she thinks) she start to float every paper boat she made, to inform the great Neptune what she finds and she plans. And as we all know -and Kugy knows-  The Great Neptune never giving a reply, but she still believes. And she is weird yet cute and a talented story teller, I must say. ^^

Another character named Keenan, is a genius artist. He has a talent. But the problem is his family never been such a supportive family. They reject and denied his talent, and force him to take another course instead.

Both of them face their own problem. Try to make it up somehow and denied their feeling for each other. Both of them thinks that, the love the felt will vanish or dead as the times goes by. But they were wrong. Their love never go anywhere, it is there stand still in their heart waiting the owner to listen to it. and finally the heart find a way to meet its missing pieces.

The whole story drives me. It is totally take me into their world. And the strongest character is Kugy herself. She made the story alive. She is bright and she is the center of whole story because they spinning around her character.  She tells me how to appreciate life, to be happy for whatever I am. Well, how could they accept me while I can’t accept myself and to be myself. Because it is a lot more comfortable when we can be our self, by not pretend to be someone else. That happiness can be achieved by a simple thing. She knows what She wanna be and work hard for her dreams.

This is one of the best Indonesian novels written by Dee. Her previous books are the series of Supernova.


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