[crochet] Bag Project No. 1

My other area of interest is crochet. I like making things, accessories, a lot of butterflies, flowers, bags, pouches etc. My most favorite things is make bags. I can adjust it to my liking, beside I don’t have to but another bag because I can make one, why bother to buy and spend money when you can make it by your self???? it’s fun. \(^_^)/ crochet is one of the greatest invention ever…ever….ever…. so here is the purse I made months ago.

Crochet Purse

Crochet Purse 1

Crochet Purse 2

Crochet Purse 2

The idea is simple, just chain, double crochet, and single crochet for the finishing. Both purse have the same pattern. But in the second purse I put two cute flowers to complete her day. 🙂
I got the basic tutorial from this video, hope you can make better than I did. I’ll post another Project in no time. 😀


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