[travel] Borobudur Temple

Budha Statue in Borobudur

Budha Statue in Borobudur

After visited Prambanan Temple the previous day, we ( me and My friend – Practically my boss ) went to Borobudur Temple the next day. This is a well-known Buddhist temple. This temple is one of world heritage and was listed as one of seven wonder of the world. This temple tells a story about life, about the wisdom of life carved in every picture on the wall and represented by each divisions.

This Temple located in Magelang of Central Java, no longer in Jogjakarta. So, if you are a backpacker, you have to take several bus to reach the site. Here is the route  :

Borobudur is on the left top

Borobudur is on the left top

  1. Take Trans Jogja to (terminal) Jombor Bus Station,
  2. From Terminal Jombor you can take Bus and said that you will stop in Borobudur. And only give them IDR 8.000 each person. Not more. unless you wanna give some tip. hehe, but it doesn’t work in my world.
  3. Take a pedicab or you can walk, since the site is about 400 m away.
  4. Buy the entrance ticket to enter the site for IDR 30.000 each person. again, here the international visitors has another procedure.  you can read my previous trip to Prambanan Temple

Before you enter the complex make sure you already have food and drink supplies because you won’t find any food stall inside, even if there is one they will charge you twice from the normal price. When Prambanan has several Complex of small temple and the main complex is the biggest Complex of all, Borobudur only has one and for all complex. the Borobudur Temple it self. But know what, I can’t stop convince my self that this is the work of folks who live hundreds years ago where there is no science, no technology. I just…. WOW. How did they lift that huge stone up hill???? the relief ( carving in the wall ) is surrounded in the wall of the temple.

well, This temple is huge. they divide the temple into three divisions represent in each story. first story is Kamadathu, the second story is Rupadhatu and the third and the last story is arupadathu. It represent the people’s life. the more you go upstairs, you’ll get closer to Budha means that the more you want nothing from this world.

in Kamadathu you can walk around and watch with your own eyes the awesome relief carved in the wall. it tells about the folks at that age. what they do, etc. the second story rupadathu tells about the life of Sidharta Gautama, the Buddha itself,  and in arupadhatu you won’t find any relief anymore. in this story you will see a huge Stupa surrounded by dozens of smaller stupas. and inside of each stupa lies a Budha statue. except one stupa, it left empty. and no body knows why. hehe…

Borobudur has been going trough several restoration phase. since abandoned and because of earth quake this site was upside down and founded by the Dutch Engineer. Then the government reconstruct to it’s original form. then as the time goes by the government paid more attention to protect Borobudur. you can read the Complete history about Borobudur here

I don’t know how but some of Budha statues in Borobudur was reported missing back then ages ago, and founded in International Black Market. 😦 Hope that the Government and everybody around the world could protect the story from the past that lies in Borobudur. Protect Borobudur to pass the message to next generation. thanks. Some pictures :

Budha Statue inside the Tupa

Budha Statue inside the Tupa

The Statues

The Statues

The Relief on Borobudur's Wall

The Relief on Borobudur’s Wall

Tribute to :

1. everyone who Has the picture I copied (some of the picture -instagram like picture- is captured by me hehe)

2. For the suppper kind Security who tells me a looot of things about Borobudur. the wisdom, the story, and the folk tales and the nonsense a professor talk about. thank you so much….  ^_^


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