[tutorial] Installing WordPress on Local PC

This is a Practicum subject for the Previous lecture. It surprise me at the first when the students didn’t know about the local web, but then I think it’s understandable, they are the first semester guy. hehheheeee…

Well, guys. WordPress is one of many existing CMS (Content Management System) applications and this is a dynamic website type, means that if we want to install it, we need several application.

  1. Web server and MySQL (I -always- use XAMPP 1.7.3, Apache and MySQL make a great couple 😀 )
  2. WordPress Application, you can download the latest Version Here

I’ll assume that XAMPP has been installed in your computer, so you just need to run the XAMPP Control. Start The Apache and MySQL services just like in the picture

XAMPP Control Window

XAMPP Control Window

Extract the downloaded WordPress until you get the wordpress folder appear, Copy the wordpress folder and paste it inside …\XAMPP\htdocs\

Extract the wordpress file

Extract the wordpress file

When you already paste it, then open your web browser and type ‘http://localhost/wordpress/’ when the warning about making the configuration file appear then you can press ‘Create Configuration File’ button.

The next page is the page to confirm your knowledge/ability over the database matter, need to make the database in the next page, when you confirm it. press let’s go

in this page you will enter the name of database you made for your wordpress application. if you already have the database (blank database) you can enter the database’s name on ‘Database Name’ column. but if you don’t have one, you should go make one… you don’t have another option.. heheheeee

and well let’s pretend we don’t have one. so, we will open phpmyadmin to make a database named ‘wordpress’ or anything will do, to open phpmyadmin application, write http://localhost/phpmyadmin in your address bar. when it has been opened write your plan-to-make database name then click ‘Create’ button

Back to your installation wizard, after you click ‘Let’s Go’ button on the previous page, you will take to the page where you have to define your database name, the host, the root user and password. Input the text box according to your database settings and leave the ‘Table Prefix’ text box as it is, it need to be changed only when you want to run multiple installation. then Click ‘Submit’

click ‘Run the install’ and the following page will be opened.

Fill the blank text boxes with the information needed by your site such as the site title that describe your site. username and password of your site and your email. for notifications of your site when it has been uploaded. When you finish to fill it up, click ‘Install WordPress’, wait for seconds while wordpress set itself up then when the following page is appear means that your wordpress installation is success.


When you click the ‘Log In’ Button you will be transferred to Login page of your site.

you can either log-in and open your dashboard (admin area),

Dashboard (Admin Area)

Dashboard (Admin Area)

or view your site.

Home Page

Home Page

WordPress site is all yours. in your local computer. Enjoy.

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