[travel] Papuma Beach

Sunset In Papuma

Sunset In Papuma

Only heard some people talk about this beach couple times. but never really checked what kind of beach papuma is. But today when I propose to have a ‘touring’ activity with the Software Engineering Students I told them to go out of town but not too far, Jember is the only option we have, then they asked me do we plan to go to Papuma beach. and in instant I said, ‘YES’ again without checked first I didn’t have time to -even- think about it, I just wanna have some you know…. runaway time. but I am sure it will be fun. Then when class is over and I sat in front of computer in my room with my sister, I asked her to Google ‘Papuma Beach’ and the first word came out from me was ‘WOW’ then followed by ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Awesome’,’Beautiful’,’Amazing’,and several words that describe that this beach is worth to visit for, what else. I rushed to open my notebook and write down to make sure that this beach is on my resolution of the year… hahahhahahaaa. it’s a must.

this papuma beach is located in Jember. I just don’t understand how come I don’t know that this place exist in Jember. well, you know, Jember is next to my regency and I have no idea that there is a place like Pulau Nusa Barong (Nusa Barong Island) that look like phi phi Island in Thailand. When my sister was mesmerized by this island I said ‘I’ll have my honeymoon there’ then we laughed.

*uhuk uhuk (coughing) Mr. A, signal…signal….. I sent you another signal. hahahahaa…. I was joking because anywhere will be fine as long as you are there.

so here is the picture from google, I still need to plan the trip, the route, all the preparations with the students. I’ll post the travel report later.


Nusa Barong Island

Nusa Barong Island

To Nusa Barong Island you have to rent a boat

To Nusa Barong Island you have to rent a boat

Note : tribute to all the photographer who took the picture. Thank You


2 thoughts on “[travel] Papuma Beach

  1. Wow Papuma is beautiful. I’ve also heard a lot about it but never been there even though it is next to my regency too! Anyways thanks for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy the trip when you go there : )

    • Thanks Nicole, I happen to be stuck in my School for this month and probably the next month as well. I’m waiting for the day off, at least two days. because it will take a long ride to reach the place.
      thanks for stopping by. 😀

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