[travel] Bromo and Kasada Ceremony

Mount Bromo (

Wonderful view isn’t it? I went to Bromo 2 years ago with my office mates. technically it was a farewell trip, our office mates will take his retirement and we gave him a farewell trip to Bromo. well, the truth is that was another department trip, that was their plan. and as I heard the plan I start to approached the event organizer (which is my office mate as well) and persuade her to take me to her farewell trip, I promised her that I will dwell my self in the corner and say nothing. heheheeee…. she was refusing at first but then she just took me in…. hahahahhaaaaaa I love it.

Bromo is a mountain located in Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia. Things that attract the tourist is the sunrise in Pananjakan. But that’s not the whole story. They also have a ceremony called Kasada Ceremony which the tengger (the name of the tribe ) folk will throw their offering to the Bromo Crater. The Offering itself is either harvest or animal, as the expression of gratitude to their God, The name of the mountain it self is derived from the name of Hindu’s God, Brahma . But too bad, When I was there, it wasn’t time to held the ceremony, well….. I still got the sunrise view at least… and yeah a very very loooong loooooong stairs.. ^_^

Different with Ijen which is a trekking place, Bromo more like a perfect vacation place. it provides the tourists a lot of facilities , Hotel, Home stay, resort,  rent car / Jeep and even a horse to ride. even though  Ijen provide you a home stay, but to reach it’s crater you have to sweat your self because Ijen won’t provide you with any transportation to reach the crater. it’s a trekking place.

We start from Banyuwangi at 2 PM (local time), and arrive in a house we rent at midnight. Mind that we stopped several times and we got flat tires in Probolinggo. had a dinner then walk around the home stay with my friend. it’s not really cold. Ijen is a lot colder than that. so I take off my jacket and hangout to count the stars. late to sleep and had to wake up on 4 AM which is the time that my soul still flying in a dreamy land and I had to be ready to go, whereas I can’t tell what’s number after ten correctly.

  1. Drove to pananjakan (view point). Pananjakan is the best view point to see the sunrise. to reach the site we can drive jeep or  motorcycle (even if you have to get down from your motorcycle often) or, if you really mean it, you can walk (but you have to start earlier than I did) , and had to start early morning before the sun is rise. so we start to move when the clock stroke 4.30 AM by two jeeps we rent on local folks for IDR 350.000 per car (courtesy of irez on 2010. it might rise today hehe ). On the way to Pananjakan you will go trough Sea of Sand area, the best thing about this place is (in my point of view -because I like weird things- is the fog. it was extremely thick by the  dawn. we barely saw the road 50 meters ahead. gladly there is the road mark that led to Pananjakan. it was fun, you will feel like flying among the clouds like  a super man or better, an angel. and I felt special because I was an angel and a superman at the same time.. ^_^
    The Desert that become a fogy fogy kingdom by the dawn  (Source : http://unikwallpaper.blogspot.com/)

    The Sea of Sand that become a fogy fogy kingdom by the dawn (Source : http://unikwallpaper.blogspot.com/)

    The driver might want to play a bit. He drove like a mad man. it was worse than a roller coaster. He mad and did you know who’s the lucky girl who sat next to him??? it was meeeee… I think I am gonna die in a second. I cried for help, but when I saw my friends behind me scream, I scream even louder…. and I swear I will never… never…. never going into that thing ever again. but since that was the only transportation we had. I just gave up.

    it’s amazing, right. wonderful sunrise view. it was a perfect morning. but  think It was too crowded at that time. I was imagine my self enjoying the sunrise in silent and peace.

    Picture taken by my Friend

    Picture taken by my Friend

  2. To Bromo Crater
    Here is the Place where the folks throw their offering when Kasada Ceremony was held. right in the center of the Bromo basis ,which is the Sea of Sand we pass on the way to pananjakan, there is a Hindu Temple. From Pananjakan the Jeep will stop in a special parking lot… hehe… from this parking lot you can walk all the way to the crater, or, you can rent a horse, then you have to go trough the stairs, hundreds of them.

    some stairs might covered in sand due to volcanic activity a year ago.

    Kasada Ceremony (Source : http://nusantara-cultures.blogspot.com)

    the story of this ceremony happened centuries ago, when a couple beg to the God for a child. then the God gave them Children but they have to return the youngest to the God. So when the youngest (which is also the most handsome, kindest and smartest of all) grew into teenager, the parents sacrificed the children for the God by throw him into the crater of Bromo. After the sacrificing, God asked the peoples to sacrifice their harvest instead of Human (well, I think it’s not funny if they have to sacrifice their child, right)


So here I am now, promised my self that I will definitely back again. I wanna become an angel and superman again who dance among the clouds. Make sure to visit, guys.


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