[travel] Morning Walk Around The City

The Port

The Port

I’m not used to wandering around in the early morning when my bed is still hugging me soooooooo warm… hehehhee… but today is sunday, and my super-lil’-sister decided to stay and didn’t go home. So, it’s a treat. I took her for a ride around the city in early morning on sundaaaayyy… where everyone go out of their house and enjoy their holiday. I technically hate the crowd but I think I’ll deal with it today.

Some places we Visit today are

  1. the morning Market… it sells ‘almost’ every living necessities, from kitchen utensil, food, beverages, snack, cooked food, any fish, chicken, meat until any accessories you might like (rings, necklace, bracelet etc.) well, as for me and my sister we bought traditional snack of Banyuwangi.. a looots of them.  We love food soooo much. I called us ‘A food Monster’, just picture two girls who stack up their room with foods and still wants more so they -usually- went to the city just to get a choco-banana for supper, or brownies and a glass of coffee or hot chocolate or chocolate ice cream. that’s us… a food lover. 😀 but too bad, I forgot to take the picture… what’s left is just a  pack of snack beside me, waiting to be munch.
  2. Went to the beach after we bought our second snack type. it’s ‘fast food’ (because it’s food and its fast..hehehe) snack we bought in food stalls on the way to the beach. (well, My sister managed to get her third type snacks I don’t really like, so i’m passed)
    but the best things is I got the amazing view of the port of Banyuwangi. when you live here or by any chance visit Banyuwangi, you’ll find that the port is the last place you want to visit. I don’t really like this spot either. but this morning (when the mayor of the city held the ceremony in town-square for the ‘I Love Banyuwangi’ celebration, that didn’t concern me at all) I found the very extraordinary view of port banyuwangi. check this out, I couldn’t believe it. I feel like I was in the other place (except the stink keep me realize that I didn’t move an inch). FYI, it’s an unedited version.


Note :
All the picture in this post was taken by Retno irez Devina (Myself), Gadget : Samsung Galaxy Mini. 😀


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