[tutorial] How to Insert a Youtube Video in your Blog Post

This is a tutorial request from my student in Vocational high school, how to insert a video in your Blog Post. It’s suppppper easy you know, you don’t need to sweat yourself. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes (depending on your internet connection theheeeeeee.

So here you go,

  1. Step, Open your Post in a text mode ( I gave you an example of my post titled ‘[quilling paper] Flower‘)

    Open the Post

    Open the Post

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Here is one of my favorite blog, who always put me in an awe state, forget to blink for a moment -and giving a more dramatic figure- with a mouth open.
her work are awesome, I love how she natural-dye her fabric and stitch it beautifully, and her cool sketches


it seems i can’t stop making postcards

these 2 are for a couple of my stitching friendspostcard for maz b  - rita summers 2013postcard for ruth b - rita summers 2013the backs are made from an upcycled manilla folder fused with some fabric from my stashpostcard back for maz + ruth - rita summers 20133 rounds of zig zag and 1 of straight stitch hold the front and back together

[needlefelted fabrics, lace, roving and yarn on piece of upcycled knitwear;  hand embroidered; machine finished]

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[book][review] Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

Author : Andrea Hirata
If someone ask me what is my Most Inspiring Book, that gave birth to my wildest dream ever since I red the book is, Edensor. the third book of Rainbow troops Quartet. I overwhelmed. It moves me. I was a girl without a dream back then. I was a girl who move when my parents asked me to move. I will force my self to meet their expectation, and curse my self as I failed. I lived like that years ago. It wasn’t like that I hate that, just… I wanna live for myself, for my own heart. not another people smile even if they just want the best for me. And From this point onwards I will give a review about those 4 books in Rainbow Troops Quartet (in Indonesia : Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi). Start with the First Book, The Rainbow Troops. Continue reading

[quilling paper] Dear 7

Qulling Card

Qulling Card

I design a card for our ‘private-weird’ event. Inspired by the card from quilling paper on the internet. I personalize it by my self,  gave some doodles. I love the card. I’ve been DIY-ing anything, when he likes the stuff I made, and smile, I think I could fly……. 😀 Continue reading

[quilling paper] Our Solar System

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

In a solar system, you need a center. the center where all the planets spinning around to. I was once learn that I am an independent girl, that I am indifferent. I don’t really care about everything around me. my life is me, myself and I. that’s all I know. But  I once fell for someone back then, it was like, something like me never exist. the only thing come up in my head was his name, and that’s the most beautiful things ever happened in my life. I’ll do anything for him. then when he left, I live like a zombie. never let anyone… anyone become my sun ever again. Continue reading

[tutorial] Database Connection in JSP

have I told you that I am both a Programming teacher in Vocational High School and Lecturer in one of college in town. So, now in vocational high school we are in the second semester this year and based on the teaching subject that shared among the teachers, I -again- assigned to teach Java Server Page. I am a Web-Based-Application freak and I love web Programming. Web Programming allow me make the Program and designed the page at the same time. but I am more like a PHP Girl rather than a Java Woman, and I don’t want to cheat him… I don’t know, it isn’t like I hate Java, I just not so get along with him…. sorry Mr. Java.

But if the boss said that I have to teach it, so be it. When the First semester of the third class was learn about the basic of JSP, now this semester I will connect their application with the Database.

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