[quilling paper] Our Solar System

Our Solar System

Our Solar System

In a solar system, you need a center. the center where all the planets spinning around to. I was once learn that I am an independent girl, that I am indifferent. I don’t really care about everything around me. my life is me, myself and I. that’s all I know. But  I once fell for someone back then, it was like, something like me never exist. the only thing come up in my head was his name, and that’s the most beautiful things ever happened in my life. I’ll do anything for him. then when he left, I live like a zombie. never let anyone… anyone become my sun ever again.

then recently, the only one who broke that law was a boy who broke the ice seven years ago. and I found my other sun. it’s soo bright so that I can’t see him clearly yet so warm that I want to be beside it forever. then, you all know what’s happened. all I can say is he is the center of my universe. and I can do nothing but let him.

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