[quilling paper] Dear 7

Qulling Card

Qulling Card

I design a card for our ‘private-weird’ event. Inspired by the card from quilling paper on the internet. I personalize it by my self,  gave some doodles. I love the card. I’ve been DIY-ing anything, when he likes the stuff I made, and smile, I think I could fly……. 😀

I stayed all night just to make that 7 form in second page. had to glue it and hold it till the glue  dry. The Sun in the first page represent him. He is the sun. the doodles in the second page is my most favorite part after the 7 form, it looks cute. and the last but touch my heart the most is the ‘little-detail’ part. I wrote the message on the ‘Post-It’ paper instead of the card paper. I finish this card in two days. I used the first day to make the ‘7’ form, just that 7 form got me into 30 minutes sleep over 8 hours recommended sleep that night. but I was happy. it filled me up till the next day I have to work over time and drank 2 glasses of coffee.

The detail

The detail

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