[book][review] Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

Author : Andrea Hirata
If someone ask me what is my Most Inspiring Book, that gave birth to my wildest dream ever since I red the book is, Edensor. the third book of Rainbow troops Quartet. I overwhelmed. It moves me. I was a girl without a dream back then. I was a girl who move when my parents asked me to move. I will force my self to meet their expectation, and curse my self as I failed. I lived like that years ago. It wasn’t like that I hate that, just… I wanna live for myself, for my own heart. not another people smile even if they just want the best for me. And From this point onwards I will give a review about those 4 books in Rainbow Troops Quartet (in Indonesia : Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi). Start with the First Book, The Rainbow Troops.

The Rainbow Troops

This book tells about how the education in indonesia especially in Belitong in 1970’s. Where that time it’s hard to become an educated person. and that’s eleven students, struggle with their family, society and school condition to become ‘someone’. that eleven students who full of imagination and spirit. luckily with their lack of condition and educated society that knows nothing but work (as an unskilled labor) they have great teachers, that show them ‘the dream’, teach them to fly the dream up above across the sky. they might be lack of school facility, even their class was shared to sheep’s that take hold the place when the night is come. and don’t ask the condition of the class, it was barely stand, it almost collapsed. but there, inside. there were teachers who gave them her whole world just to make them become someone who able to dream beyond their wildest dream.

That eleven students name themselves as Laskar Pelangi (in indonesian) or Rainbow Troops is the center of the story. this book explain each character of the member. That one of them has to work part time as a labor, so their family able to live on while he study in elementary school,other students should take care of his family(his sister and brother) at home while his father work as fisherman. In the other hand, there is an area of belitong that extremely rich compared to the society the Rainbow Troops living in. But they grow as an extraordinary person, Lintang the smartest boy of them happen to defeat that rich people in a quiz, he proved that knowledge and education are not  limited by the poverty. but unfortunately he has to quit for school since his father never comeback home from sailing the day before. he has to work and take care of his family. he is their inspiration, his dream of highest education still live in.

Here, I am as a teacher learn that education is not only about how to fulfill all the facilities needs. it’s about the soul of learning process it self, how to motivate them, to be beside them create their dream and encourage them to do their best. and being a teacher simply means that we become their friend and their mentor at the same time. in fact their personal problem may affect their study process. and being a teacher simply means that we ready to love them like a parents do. I learn from Mr. A. the way he treat his students, how he -as a teacher- give them his all. well… still long way to go to be someone like him, so pure, so sincere, so brother-father like. and I love that side of him Professionally and unprofessionally. ^_^, He love them, He love his students.


I love them. I love my students.

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