[quilling paper] Card for Lysa

'4' Card for Lysa Maryam

‘4’ Card for Lysa Maryam

Who is Lysa???? she is an annoying sister (in a good way… hahahahah) I met in my boarding house. is there any ‘good way’ for annoying??? guess there is. because sometime I kinda like it. I -we(me and my sister- like to tease her, pinch her so she would scream out loud and I have a reason to tease her even more… hahahahaaaaa.. or we will hide her things and act all innocent. but we love her. the ‘cute’ things about her is that she will keep bugging me for something I made. like, when I made a crochet bag, she would come to my room, adore my has-been-made crochet bag, hold it and approached me with a kitty look and I ended up made her one and now, when she was exploring my phone gallery, she found the picture of my ‘Dear-7’ card, and again she bugging me to make her one. fortunately, I just bought a black card paper, and here is the card I made for Lysa, I made a ‘4’ number instead of her name as she requested to me. and she like it. she screams aaaalllllll the times when she looked at the card. I don’t know, whether it’s good or bad to let her running wild like that because that card.

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