[IT] Internet Technology

This is my ‘Lecture-Topic-Of-The-Week’ because somehow this semester I teach all about Web (Web Design,  Web Programming Fundamental, and Web Programming) and I’m glad. I prefer to stick with the web instead of the hardware thing. and this topic was my first topic in whole class I taught to begin their semester.

is collections of network from around the world to connect millions of business transaction, government, Educational etc. The fact that Internet has been dominate the world can’t be denied by anyone. nowadays Internet grow strong and deep into the daily needs, I bet, it’s development grew beyond what the founder expected when it’s founded. Internet now serve millions of people from every age, culture, the reality is, internet unite the world and eliminate the boundary (any boundary both visible and invisible). even the non-technical user now could be one of the most active user in internet.
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[IT] Web 3.0 and Web development

it’s quite a while for all the internet, website and IT community aware of the significant change of the web 3.0 might bring. In fact it was a Hot Topic several years ago, and it still become a hot topic to discuss. some people also has some negative reaction during the birth of web 2.0. almost the same reaction also happen when HTML5 launched. well, I guess better things also comes with a great rush.

start with the Web 1.0 and web 2.0 : it was a huge differences. like a long step ahead when start on 1999 web 2.0 is introduced. web 2.0 accross the limit web 1.0 made, it does what web 1.0 doesn’t. web 1.0 is a completely static web, some people express it was a ‘Read-Only’ Application. and less.. almost none interaction with the users. where the web 2.0 offers you more, you can personalize your account, you can write and publish your own web, application, in the other words this web 2.0 make the non-technical user involve in their own ‘thing’ in the web, so that lots of people has their own might to build their application and manage it without learn programming or anything related.
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Check Point

electric rain

Here I am, checking my point all over again. Today I am getting older.. should I be happy about this??? heheheee…. but I am kind of getting used with ‘older’ term. since I am a teacher as well the lecturer, I use to be a people who ‘acknowledged’ as older and should act like one.

and the previous year I spent with grateful, Allah gave me a lot of wonderful things including Mr. A. He is there for me when I was down, his hand lift me up from my most horrible state that time. I thank ALLAH for sent me someone like you, A. I really do.  that year was surprising year, full of amazing things, tears and laughter. and today.. I should think about what does it means to be grown up. I’ve been thinking this kind of things almost every year since everybody start to called me a lady, or a woman. means that I am no longer a ‘girl’ where I can running around everywhere doesn’t care about what people might think or do foolish things in the crowd and I can walk away just like that without a burden. and I realize since that point of time where I was no longer a girl I have to be more responsible about what I did. although that does not help much. but as the times flies… I know, 100% in my consciousness, that the reality is I am grown up, a lot of people will judge, a lot of students will see, and I can’t be that careless girl anymore.

but deep inside, I know. that free, happy girl never go anywhere. that’s the other reality. I thought, mentally, I stop grown at the age of 20. no… I mean it. I really do think about it. I realize it. I do what 20 girl love to do, do stupid things, weird things, when I am alone or if I with someone I trust most and I am comfortable with. I know, being a mentally stop grown at the age of 20, beside I can enjoy a lot of simple things, laugh freely like I am just a person without any responsibility, I also have unstable emotion (this part annoying). well….I’ve got a hard time try to control it.

well, today when I think about being a grown woman, all I can think about is responsibility. and that’s a huge work and that will be my focus for the following years. I have to responsible to my self, I have to manage my time so I won’t waste a second. I have to be in class on time, make teaching material before the class start, become that responsible and patient teacher for them. that a lot of works. I have to learn how to manage my time for teaching and do my hobby. I’ll do better…. I definitely will. 😀

and today I stick on Mr. A for hours talking, reminisence about the old days back than in university, about our friends, I did remind him about some ‘teasing’ activity he did to me. he is that kind of man you know… hahahahaaaa… but I like that, we were best friend and no matter what kind of phase we’re in, we date now, and we still are best friend… 😀 and when the night fall, we went to Garden Cafe to have a romantic dinner… under the laaammmpssss ….. (FYI, Lamp is one of the cutest things in the world, see them makes me smile aaaaaalll the time). and see the way he smile at me… nothing is better than his smile, even that lamps.



[travel] Clean Air

This place ‘Kalibendo’ is one of my favorite place to run into when everything becomes out of control, when I felt so confuse with everyone and place where I run to when I need a  ‘private’ time. 😀 trees always calling me, I love to be around them. this place is a clove plantation in the outer area, but if you go farther you’ll meet a refreshing,cute river -this part I love most. and when you want to go deeper, you will find a very isolated (just to express that the place completelly hidden) waterfall. Continue reading

[DIY] Greeting Card No. 2

See… I can’t stop. as long as there is paper lying somewhere around me, my hand will always touch them and you can tell what happen next, I’ll make them into quilling paper or card. sigh…. so I decide to say ‘no’ when my sister ask me to go out stock up some papers again when she saw I almost out of paper… no…. not before I finish some of my teacher things to do. I am going to be a busy woman this week but I know, I know for sure that I-my hand- will sneak out and touch that paper again.

and again, I make a card and re-edit the other card ,the firs card is a combination of paper and my other favorite things to do ……. crocheting. so here in this card I made a crochet flower along with the card. 😀

Eternally - Crochet flower

Eternally – Crochet flower

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[DIY] Greeting Card

Ever since I made the first greeting card from quilling paper, I am a little bit obsessed by greeting cards beside I always made a card for Mr. A every month, so I always try to look for different card idea almost every month.

So, days ago I went to stock up some papers in my room to start my new project, the project that has been bugging me since days before after saw videos uploaded by Kristina Werner about how to make a card. Her style just soooo me. and I love it. and I was trying to make some, even if it’s not as cute and clean as she does, I did put my whole heart into it.. heheheheeeee…..



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[travel] Evening Picnic

#1, Like the most.

#1, Like the most.

I went to the beach for the evening picnic with my student, I brought chocolate, lots of them. We used to go to places that ‘jungle-like’, and now I took her to somewhere more watery…. watery?? heheheh.
and I love how the photo bucket’s editor do magic to my picture, it looks….. great. here is the result of the picture.

captured by : Anisa Rizky
Location : Watudodol Beach, Banyuwangi, West Java, Indonesia
Model : Me… ^_^
Gadget : Samsung Galaxy Mini
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