[travel] Evening Picnic

#1, Like the most.

#1, Like the most.

I went to the beach for the evening picnic with my student, I brought chocolate, lots of them. We used to go to places that ‘jungle-like’, and now I took her to somewhere more watery…. watery?? heheheh.
and I love how the photo bucket’s editor do magic to my picture, it looks….. great. here is the result of the picture.

captured by : Anisa Rizky
Location : Watudodol Beach, Banyuwangi, West Java, Indonesia
Model : Me… ^_^
Gadget : Samsung Galaxy Mini
Here’s another edited picture

...distance I couldn't cross...

…distance I couldn’t cross…

Why in the world did I make that weird look....

Why in the world did I make that weird look….


Note : I suppppper suppper like how my student keep capturing my picture while I didn’t know. do it again next time OK. hahahahaaa….


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