[IT] Internet Technology

This is my ‘Lecture-Topic-Of-The-Week’ because somehow this semester I teach all about Web (Web Design,  Web Programming Fundamental, and Web Programming) and I’m glad. I prefer to stick with the web instead of the hardware thing. and this topic was my first topic in whole class I taught to begin their semester.

is collections of network from around the world to connect millions of business transaction, government, Educational etc. The fact that Internet has been dominate the world can’t be denied by anyone. nowadays Internet grow strong and deep into the daily needs, I bet, it’s development grew beyond what the founder expected when it’s founded. Internet now serve millions of people from every age, culture, the reality is, internet unite the world and eliminate the boundary (any boundary both visible and invisible). even the non-technical user now could be one of the most active user in internet.

Internet itself was founded on September 1969 by Department Of Defense USA in the name of ARPANET, to meet their two purposes that is :

  1. to unite the scientist, for them to share the information, project and research. I thought that day wasn’t the day we can move place to place in an instance that’s why, the existence of ARPANET is inevitably needed.
  2. To divide the information among computers that connected to the network. those days was a rough days, and I guess I know, why this network project -that more like a technical project- should be founded by Department Of Defense instead of whatever Department in USA but the DOD. it was because those day war is everywhere, the information that has to be kept and secure shouldn’t be centered in one place. That’s why, they need a secure, private network to share the information among them in case some of the branch-computer was destroyed due to war, or any disaster. so the information will be safe.

But since founded in 1969, ARPANET was something everybody need, and I guess they already predicted that this thing will shake the world (you can’t deny and I hate to admit that we already in the palm of his(internet) hand). Peoples start to develop a lot of things to support the existence of ARPANET, like Ray Tomlinson who found email. yes…Electronic Mail in 1971. the truth is he start to talk about email a year before but finally fixed in 1971. also in 1971, the ‘@’ symbol also introduced to the mass. Years after the email birth a lot of university asked to join on the pack. Out of US. ARPANET couldn’t take that much, so the decision was made, to split the ARPANET into two networks ‘MILNET’ and smaller version of ARPANET, those two networks works under DARPANET (later called as Internet).
Then on 1981, France Telecom found the first Telephone Television.
on 1982, TCP/IP is decided as the standard Protocol for Internet. This idea already discussed on 1974 by Vin Cert and Bob Kahn in London. but Actually applied as the standard Protocol for Internet begun on 1982.
on 1984, Domain Name System is Introduced.
on 1990 Tim Berners Lee Found the Editor and Web Browser, and web application has been exploding ever since. Just dream that people has the ability to make something everybody see, something new, I bet a lot of peoples can’t hold themselves to grab their computer and do the magic.

To connect to a network or in this case is Internet, your computer need an IP Address. IP Address is a combination of number that uniquely identifies each computer that connected to a network. it’s just like an ID, without ID, you can’t be around near Internet that’s the rule. in the old days, we browse the internet / website trough the IP Address, it inconvenient because there is no way we have to memorize  all those number for all the website we want to open. Human has the limit in memorizing number. so when DNS founded it’s like a savior. User don’t need to memorize all the IP of the server, the DNS save the day by converting those long listed number into text. so when you about to access http://www.google.com you just need to write http://www.google.com instead of it’s more user friendly, right.

For domain name itself there are domain name hierarchy, that divided by :

  • TLD (Top Level Domain)
    It sit at the very top of Domain Hierarchy. To put it simple, in example.com, .com that belong to example.com is a TLD and there are tons of TLD all around the world for the certain purposes.
  • SLD (Secondary Level Domain )
    It’s position is right under TLD, in example.com the one who SLD is, ‘example’
  • Sub Domain
    it belongs to the bigger domain. when you see mail.example.com, means that ‘mail’ belongs to ‘example.com’
  • (ccTLD) Country Code Top Level Domain.
    is the same Top Level Domain but it related with the code of each country, such as domain .uk is for the Great Britain, .id for Indonesia etc.

Well, when we talk about domain, it’s all about www, this giant network itself. www is a collection of electronic documents all around the world in the form of web page. a website contain some web pages and all the related items, and web server (hardware) is a computer that reply the request of web page requested by the users. for the evolution for the web itself already been talked in the previous post.

website has 13 type of website there are :

  1. Portal
  2. news
  3. informational
  4. Business / marketing
  5. Blog
  6. wiki
  7. Online Social Network
  8. Educational
  9. Entertainment
  10. Advocacy
  11. Web Application
  12. Content Aggregator
  13. Personal

Website -beside texts- contain some multimedia things including graphic (still image), audio, animation, video and virtual reality. and about this virtual reality and it’s other cool brother ‘Augmented Reality’ do great job to the Technology development nowadays.

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