[travel] it’s been a while

I am happy to tell you guys I’ll be out of town really soon YAAAAAYYYY . it’s good to breath the air of another place. Now  it’s been a while  since the last time I went out of town.

I’ll post the picture on the next travel post. 😀 😀

[travel] Great Effort = Amazing Beach

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay
source (http://backpackerindonesia.com/trip/)

have you ever hear the old say ‘great effort equals to great result’ that’s what I believe and that’s what I did. I used to admire the beauty of this place. I’ve been longing to see such a pure beauty of this beach, Green Bay and its surround beach (rajegwesi, sukamade). Aaaaaaannnd Fortunately 11th of March (could you even imagine that I skip my Monday-shift in Vocational High School just to… you know… having fun) as the request of my lovely students, I went to Green Bay with them. It was a looooong looooooooooong ride, and rough. did I say rough… Sory I mean, terribly rough. I have to walk so the motorcycle will loose it’s 25 Pounds weight, I am that heavy you know..heheeheee Continue reading


Here is the next session of HTML class….

  1. Text Formatting Tag
    <TAG> Fungsi
    <B>, <Strong> Bold
    <U> Underline
    <I> Italic
    <Del>, <S> Strike Trough
    <Big> * Enlarge text size
    <Small> * Minimize Text Size
    <blink> Blinking text
    <center> Center text
    <comment>, <!– … –> Giving comments
    <dfn> mark on a term
    <kbd> Identifies keystrokes
    <q> quote, non block structure
    <span> = <div> tag
    <sub> Subscript
    <sup> Superscript

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[crochet] Blue Bag

This almost done blue bag crochet is for my suppppeeer little sister. She never asked me so I offer her a crochet bag for her self. so, weeeeks ago I took her for yarn-shopping. she picks the yarn herself. it’s obvious that she will take the blue one. She likes blue. my crocheting activity has been suspended for weeks due to Mr. A’s Birthday preparation. and start over when it’s done.

so here is the bag, I don’t have the pattern because it’s a incidental-simple idea. I’ll post the picture of the finished bag later. 😀 😀

[quote] Alanda Kariza’s Manifesto

I put her great manifesto here as a reminder for me. it is an inspiring note.

Feelings are often real. But the words we use to express them, most of the time, are illusory. So, carefully think about the words we choose to use. Never say “I love you” just to create an illusion of feelings, nor to make our counterpart love us. The worst of “I love you”s are those that are not wholeheartedly said. Therefore, when you say it; make sure you mean it.

Being young is not only about leaving a mark in the world. It is also about letting the world leaves a mark within us. May it be through an event, or even more, through a person. So go. Fall in love, make mistakes, break your heart, and probably start over.

There is no such thing as “unrequited feeling”. However, perhaps, the level of requital that we get might be higher or lower than our expectations. (Perhaps it’s best not to expect anything at all, and let it be a surprise. Let life surprises you.)

When God takes away something you (thought you) have, usually you are going to get something better. However, be grateful of what you have at the moment. Keep it. Protect it. Or you might end up losing something that matters the most in your life. (And try not to regret when that happens, especially when you have failed in protecting it. Let it wander to a better place, a place that would keep it safe.)

Never fall in love in your sleep. What usually comes as a dream might suddenly show up as a nightmare. Since then, your sleeps and naps would never be the same anymore. Be in love while you are awake. Be in love knowing the risks you take, the ‘dangers’ you will face. Be in love with a person, not the idea of him/her that you have projected yourself. Be in love with a person, not the idea of him/her that he/she tries to project for you to believe in.

(Always) believe that there is probably a person out there who deserves to get the best of you. (You might meet him/her soon).

The only person in the world who could make you happy is yourself. Before others. (I usually compliment myself with ice creams too, though. Ice creams make me really happy.)

Most of the time, feeling exhausted also means that you have not make your life wasted for nothing. Keep going.

The worst feeling that you could ever possess to someone is the feeling of possessing him/her, as if that person is completely yours. Because you could never, ever “own” a person. You could only be happy when the person you choose to be with also chooses to be with you.

Words might hurt you, but words shouldn’t. (this one’s courtesy of Adriano Qalbi)

Last, but not least,

Be happy. Because you only need yourself to be happy, and because you can. Allow yourself to be happy. With or without someone else. Isn’t it such a great feeling to realise that we can be happy on our own? As soon as we have allowed ourselves to be happy on our own, then we can be happy with another person.

-by Alanda Kariza

[story] I am special, I am weird

It’s funny how people sees me. they have various reaction when they got to know me better. this blog is part of my world. this is three quarter picture of who I really am (I keep the 1/4 for my self). My students opinion are vary. they surprised that I am not the people they used to think. I am a programmer, yes. I am a design-obsessed, yes. I love cute things like a girl at the same time love something tough, masculine like a boy. I do list myself as a crocheter, a card maker, a quill-er (a quilling paper maker), love photography and all those random things. ah… and I forget to mention that I love to cook and try some weird and new receipt in a kitchen when I have a good mood with me. most of my programmer friend doesn’t have this opposite attraction.
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The-following-week-topic after the previous Internet Technology topic (although it was a failure class due to black out in some classes including mine, so the class dismissed earlier than it should be)

stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is a format that tells the computer how to display a web pages. the document itself is a plain text files (ASCII) with a special TAGS or code that the browser knows how to interpret and display in a computer’s browser. HTML is a collection of tags, and as a matter of that, HTML consist of two elements there are TAGS and TAG’S ATTRIBUTES. so, HTML isn’t a programming language, but just the markup language and it makes HTML doesn’t have any variable, any algorithm or such things that belongs to programming language. Remember, HTML just a plain files that able to tell the browser what the browser suppose to display. He is good at telling other people what they suppose to do. 😀

As I mention above that two basic-most-important elements of HTML are TAGS and ATTRIBUTES. so let discuss each element.
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A’s Check Point

2nd of April was A’s Birthday…. I was preparing the whole things. From call his students to ask for cooperation, ask his sister to sleepover in my board, bought a cake, made an explosion box, and stop motion. ^_^ the idea is, me and his sister surprise him with a birthday cake early morning say ‘happy birthday’ that simple.

In your 27th birthday (you tricked me, and I happened to believe that you were 1988 dude…. ck… sneaky) I just hope that your life will be meaningful for everyone around you. love you family as always, and allow me to open the door, please. 😀

here is the stop motion I made, I was capturing about 420 pictures for whole animation. it’s not as good as what I saw in the youtube, less light and tripod. sorry, A. I’ll do better next time. hihi…

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