A’s Check Point

2nd of April was A’s Birthday…. I was preparing the whole things. From call his students to ask for cooperation, ask his sister to sleepover in my board, bought a cake, made an explosion box, and stop motion. ^_^ the idea is, me and his sister surprise him with a birthday cake early morning say ‘happy birthday’ that simple.

In your 27th birthday (you tricked me, and I happened to believe that you were 1988 dude…. ck… sneaky) I just hope that your life will be meaningful for everyone around you. love you family as always, and allow me to open the door, please. ๐Ÿ˜€

here is the stop motion I made, I was capturing about 420 pictures for whole animation. it’s not as good as what I saw in the youtube, less light and tripod. sorry, A. I’ll do better next time. hihi…

and an explosion box…. I love this cute little things

Explosion I filled the First Inner layer of the explosion box with everything related with birthday, from the cake, balloons, presents and candles.

Explosion Box Behind inner box #1 and #2

Explosion Box Behind inner box #1 and #2

and in the back of each layer I write down the date to remember, that was the special event that has to be remembered by A, Since the date we born, the first time we met in 2005, the first time he actually confessed his love to me in 2009 (hahahahahaaaa….), and several special events we had together. I want him(both of us) to remember that we’ve went trough a lot. that those years passed by is not for nothing. that those times brought us together today. those special moment that got me to realize that He is always be my best. always. that he always be around me. cheered me up, straight my head on, support me for whatever (the good things) I did, held my hand and pulled me up when I was down (mentally or physically).

Happy Birthday, Kak. Happy Birthday. thanks for always around me. May God always protect you, protect us and our family. ๐Ÿ˜€

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