[travel] Great Effort = Amazing Beach

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay
source (http://backpackerindonesia.com/trip/)

have you ever hear the old say ‘great effort equals to great result’ that’s what I believe and that’s what I did. I used to admire the beauty of this place. I’ve been longing to see such a pure beauty of this beach, Green Bay and its surround beach (rajegwesi, sukamade). Aaaaaaannnd Fortunately 11th of March (could you even imagine that I skip my Monday-shift in Vocational High School just to… you know… having fun) as the request of my lovely students, I went to Green Bay with them. It was a looooong looooooooooong ride, and rough. did I say rough… Sory I mean, terribly rough. I have to walk so the motorcycle will loose it’s 25 Pounds weight, I am that heavy you know..heheeheee

The route we went trough was quite confusing because we met lot of three and four junction, countryside lane. so, I suggest you take someone who already know the exact place or, you can book a travel agent or else you’ll get lost several -lots of- times. the only map I have was the map of Banyuwangi tourism in general.

The weird things is none of us ever go to Green bay. the problem is there are lots of beach around Green Bay that looked like the same. so, after walk about half hour we met the beach with the white sand. so, we tell each other that this is green bay (I doubt it because I find the beach is different from my students photo, but I just said OK and deal with it) because the clock is ticking and we run out of time before the night fall. we played for 2 hours and half, and went home before we lost in the middle of the reservation area, this place is out of my phone signal coverage. -_-.

and the beach where we play for hours wasn’t green bay (I thought so), it was “Batu Permintaan” beach. the very beach right before green bay…. uuufftttt

Batu Permintaan Beach

Batu Permintaan Beach

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