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There is nothing that could make me even happier this semester in Vocational High School 1 Banyuwangi except to see how much my students has grown into a fine programmer. I can’t stop my self smiling all the time checking out their project. this whole semester learn PHP and  3 weeks(or less) work out on the project is really paid off. I expect nothing less from you guys. I am so proud of you. Happy to be around you this whole time

And, here for you reader some of best project of all. they all did a great job working on it but I planned to give 5 of the best more credit because their hard work. and please put in mind that this is not the official site of any company or organization or government.

Agil Bayu Sagita the owner of

Ridho Andy Kurniawan the owner of

Ilham Setya Nugraha the owner of

more will be updated soon

if you want to check out other projects of my students you can visit

[programming] PHP – Array

Array is a variable that saves some of data. When a normal ‘$a’ variable  (scalar variable) able to save a single value at a time, array variable capable of saving some values simultaneously in one time. Array can have many elements, each elements hold a single value. In PHP you’ll find that index in array is not only in number, but also in string (associative array).

as we learn that scalar variable ($a) saves a single value (PHP-intro), so if multiple values is inserted, $a variable will hold the last inserted values and delete all the previous values.

$a = 14;  //$a saves 14

$a = 70; //$a saves 70, the previous values (14) is deleted.

as for array variable, it allows you to collect/save more than one values at a time. it is a collection of scalar variable. the values it self is saved into each elements of array.

for example there are several number that need to be saved,

14 70 90

just like the table displayed above, that’s exactly how array works. It saves the value into each indexed cell, the default cell will be indexed as ‘0’.

There are several ways to make and insert values into an array variable : Continue reading

[DIY] bookmark and Card for Mom

I’ve been stuck on the never ending workloads, stressful, can’t go out of my routine and sneak out to visit the trees, not even touch the paper. until my friend came to me and asked for a bookmark for his book and his special request was, no ‘love’ character, PLEASE. I plan to do it later, when I look into the paper in my desk and I began to feel something was missing from my heart. so I decide to grab that paper right away and start make something.

Bookmark ( I made two, for my self and my friend. he ended up picked the green one with the balloons and bird)



Card for my mom, Mother’s day in Indonesia is months away, I didn’t mean to make the Mother Day’s card at first, but when I made it that night, my mom is the only person I could ever think of. So, I decide to write ‘Best Mom’ and decide to give it to her when mother day come, along with the present heheheheeeee…

Best Mom

Best Mom

[programming] PHP : Introduction

I did tell you before that I am a PHP Girl rather than a Java woman. And this is love of my life.. 😀 they said we are soulmate, that’s why I fell for him since the first time I tried to spell W-E-B.  I am happy to talk about you, PHP. I do… I really do. So don’t doubt me and my feeling for you is real. As real as my existence on the earth… muahahahahahahaaa

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre Processor (don’t ask me where the first P goes to, they never tell me anything) is a server side scripting language where the script executed in the server side and send  the output as the html document on the user’s computers. The good things about web based program is you can embed your programming language into your HTML tags.

So.. why PHP??? When there is lots of programming language scattered on the world of internet??

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[quote] miracle happen everyday

Never Give up Miracle happen everday

Never Give up on anybody Miracle happen everyday

Never Give up on anybody Miracle happen everyday

remember those time when he told me that we were fine in the middle of fight( he always call it ‘discussion’). When He told me that He is not gonna leave me, when I cried like crazy. Time when He said he’s not gonna give up on me, on our relationship.  He never say that he doubt me, and our relationship. when I doubt the miracle so many times,and want to give up so bad. He always there, stand in front of me. ensure me about the promising future we’ll have together never think -even for a second- to give up.

I am weak, you are strong. you are the sun, and I am just a planet that rotates around you. Glad to have you around A. I believe miracles happen everyday, that’s you. the miracle ALLAH gave me… 😀 thank you.

[travel] Batu, take a deep deeeeeep breath

Structure <3, looks so technically complicated..heheh

Structure <3, looks so technically complicated..heheh

I traveled to Batu quite a lot. Batu is a small town (geographically) located in East Java, Indonesia. it was a district of Malang, but decide to be independent city since 2001. it has lots of amusement park, aaaand because it located in the plateau it has all of the oxygen I ever need in my life. it always a great pleasure to visit this city… always…. I mean, oh… how could I resist the joy of clean air, beautiful scenery, and cozy hotel with a great view??? no one right… I’ve been there for vacation, took my student to the province competition, and attend the invitation of East Java provincial education departments once in a while.

Batu has lots of tourism place. it might has fewer district than malang, according to Wikipedia, Batu has 3 districts. but the tourism in Batu much more developed than Malang. it’s hard for me to count places you can visit in Batu… Trust me.. it lots of them. I haven’t visit all of them. places I visited so far were Payung, Selecta, Senggoriti, Jatim Park 1 & 2, Batu Night Spectacular,  village tour around the Purnama Hotel. 😀

here some of the pictures while I was in Batu Continue reading