[DIY] Card to thank my Brother

This card I sent along with the book for my Brother (or that’s how I think he is). He lives out of province, in west Java. Had to move out of town to work in one of the biggest Japanese’s company.

Thank you brother, you thought me lots of things. thank you, I owe you a lot. be happy, smile, you look gorgeous when you smile, this whole world will smile along with you. 😀

The Picture is not pretty clear, I took this shoot in my room at night, less light. I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the book. When I remember, it was already wrapped. hehe…. but one thing for sure He will surprise, the color of the book is light pink, it’s really pinky-pink. he laugh when I told him. and the card color is green, extremely soft one. 😀


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