[events] on Wrap

Lot’s of things happened recently. Kinda busy, so I’ll wrap it all together in this post. ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Sister’s Graduation Ceremonny
    I have a little sister who has been graduated from Senior High School. and the graduation ceremony was held a month ago (I know it’s long enough to be called recently). When I was attending the ceremony, I mesmerized by the way high scholar look. All pretty makeup and beautiful clothes, all of them wore Kebaya (Java Traditinal Clothes), most of them wore modern kebaya tough. it almost like Kebaya Parade, and I like it. and the maxi-skirt-like pattern is what we(Indonesian) call batik. it has various patterns sometimes every area has a unique batik pattern, or sometimes unique color. In Banyuwangi itself(place where I live) we have a unique pattern called ‘Gajah Oling’

  2. Sparkling 4 Wheel Drive
    I don’t have a car, I never have one. And when I finally take on this things, I’m Glad I never have one and have to ride it by myself …. hahahahaa
    the story began when A’s sister asked me to rent this things weeks before. When we finally made it, the first 8 minutes was spent to scream out loud, freaking out about what might happen. I was scared that we might hit a car or motorcycle because we move sooooo slow. But it turned out to be good. Indah was the driver, She was a good driver. heheheheheeee and A’s sister was the co-driver. while me and my suppper little sister, Maya dwell ourselves in the back seat, do nothing but screaming for the first 8 minutes… hahahahahhaaa


    Our Sparkliingย  4 Wheel Drive.. hahahahaaa ^_^

    And to complete the night, we went to Ketapang, to snap some pictures..hehehehehee


  3. Pocari Sweat Competition (Go ion………. Ion… Go ๐Ÿ˜€ hihi)
    So Yesterday, my students was participating the Pocari Sweat Competition in our school. It was fun, they managed to be the winner. It was a team competition.

    me and my students….

    we live for camera… you know.. teenagers do those things… they all the teenagers(I mean the teenagers in the picture)… count me in… hahahahaaa

    See the crowd in our background, that’s the crowd cheering for the team of their own class, as for me and my students one of the class competition was over and the other class competition is loooong way to go. so we use time in between to (again) snap another picture. ๐Ÿ˜€

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