[crochet] Lotsa flowers (Pattern and Video tutorial Included)

I’ve been stay in my parents house for the past 3 weeks, since that was a holiday, and the next school year in high school is just about to begin. that 3 weeks holiday minus couple days to give lectures.

I spent most of my time visiting relatives, baby siting my adorable nephew, and my little angel, Larasati, and visiting neighborhood to get into socialization sometimes. meanwhile, I was making lots of crochet flowers, that applicable for a brooch, headpin,  etc.


pattern for 1st and 2nd flowers

First and second pictures have the same pattern. even first picture has 4 layers of petals it has the same pattern, I just give an additional petals with 6 X 9 back chain, and petal of each 9 back chain is made by 2 single crochet, 9 double crochet, 2 single crochet.


Here is the pattern for the above flowers

and for the bow, here is the tutorial from the Youtube

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