Try to get into business

crocheting and card making are my hobby and my absolute-relaxing method when I can’t go anywhere. everybody trying to tell me that I can sell it, or at least make my hobby into business. I want to, but lack of confidence (is there any people who buy the stuff I made, or can I handle it)  and lack of knowledge. but well, I will try it now, fortunately my students asked me to collaborate with him sell all handmade stuff, he will sell all the handicraft-stuff and I’ll do my crochet-stuff. and since today,beside keep updating my blog, now I am a 2nd author in our online-shop-blog,
my job list is to post my crochet bag, brooch, headpin, headband etc and make tutorials about crocheting and card making.


do visit our blog, and buy some stuff will be appreciated heheheheheee….

see you there.


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