[picture] God’s Paint

God sure knows how to make this world perfectly with all it’s stuff that comes along with it. I told you guys, I’ve been here (mount Ijen) like thousand times, and for those thousand times I always … always get myself in an awe state, heheheeee…

so that day, I went to Paltuding with my lil’ sister to confirm about the room my friend Tarik Lavielle was requested. the weather around Paltuding was pretty clear, the bright blue sky, sun shine. the opposite weather of Banyuwangi that drizzling for days, gray cloud, no sun… but, since I like the rain very much and don’t really stand the heat, it’s a lovely condition where I can go around anywhere without blaming on the sun. it doesn’t mean that I hate the sunny weather, I just can’t stand the heat… that’s all.

we took some pictures around Paltuding, we have a great time there… beside, the room my friend requested is available. he is on his way right now, hope he has a very nice trip in Banyuwangi….. am I a tourism ambassador of Banyuwangi???? hahahha.. no.. not at all, I just like to see people who enjoy they trip, with no regret or disappointment, I want them to see Ijen (or any tourism place in banyuwangi), and adore it as much as I do. that will be lovely to help people find their way …. it’s fun…. \(^_^)/

My sister

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