[event] Tied The Knot

God is around, you know. He hears the prayers, wishes and hope and then then he will give us what we need. I am a girl who believe that God never leave me no matter what. That He, with His power to control everything in this universe, so does my life, will give me the best things in the world in the end. and I believe that miracle happens. One of the miracle He gave me is ‘A’.

He is a friend to tell your story to, a friend to run into when I had a fight with my boy friend, the only man I would call in the middle of war (hahahahaaa),a brother who protect me when I feel so alone and unprotected, a friend with thousand of motivation spirit to lift me up when I was so down, remind me of my parents said that I have to get up on my feet because my parents trust me, and once in a while he will mad at me because I let my guard down and fell for a boy I shouldn’t.

or,when he rushed to my room and asked me to prepare a bowl of noodle for his dinner, or he would open up my food storage to check whether I had food to eat. He is that cute,fun and free guy, you know, but I know he is a reliable man. I know, I trust him.

and Back then I never thought that our relationship will come to this point where I saw him as a man, no longer a brother or a best friend. He is the only man who finally came to my dad and said the he is going to marry me. I am not an adorable and thoughtful woman, sometimes -most of the times- I just messed up my self, and failed him. But, the weird things is no matter how many times I told him to run, to leave me alone,  he stays, he just stand there never leave me an inch. He just said that everything is alright and he’s not leaving. He’s not gonna leave once he set his mind.

We have a rush kind of relationship. We ‘argue’ (that’s the way I call it) lots of times by phone, but he just say that we have a ‘discussion’. The fun part is, all the misunderstanding and arguing (read discussion) just happen in my phone. when I finally meet him, I just feel complete, that everything that was so troublesome before seems so small and insignificant. I just feel that I don’t care even if everything is goes wrong, as long as I’m with him is all that matters. just look at him in front of me, do nothing but smile and tell me lots of random things, still feels so wonderful. Look at him talking with his students, playing, or laughing with them is -somehow- calming.

He is incredible, you know. He is one of the great guy I’ve ever met. maybe it’s something to do with best friend thing, that’s why he knows me, and he never leave me. and this Incredible man, a month ago August 21st came to my home with his big family to -officially- asked me from my parents and held the engagement party. Oh… gosh I still remember his cold finger when he put on the rings in my finger.. 😀

And guys, I told you, that I am one of the luckiest girl to be the fiancee of this Great man. A great man that dedicated his life not only for himself, but for his parents, his sister, his family, students and everybody around him.

PS. A, thank you for believing me, for being so thoughtful and patient. Thank you for asking me to marry you. I Love you. I always do.

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