[crochet] Another colorfull Flowers and bag-will-be

This idea came from my students when they asked me to make this kind of flowers crochet. it’s not a new pattern tough, I just made this from the pattern I got from butterfly project, in this project, I skip the ‘fold’ phase and just let it be.

Crochet flowers

Crochet flowers

I did made some bows but forgot to take a picture of that. and the previous bag project that nearly done , has to be suspended due to lack of dark-brown yarn. oughhhhh it got me frustrated, I was keep coming to those shop couple times and they said, the color is different this season and they don’t know when the exact dark brown I requested will be available. it just need about 3 dark-brown squares to go…. agghhhhh….



Actually when I made this post I got my heart messed up so much. I was so messed up in the point that I’m too scared to sleep. staring on my email hundred times a minutes. Yesterday, I stayed hours in A’s place crying behind his back. it’s not his fault, I did sorry for him, had to see me crying but I couldn’t say anything when he asked what happen. I was gloomy, confused, broken and I couldn’t make myself tell him what exactly was happening. it’s not about him. it’s about me. it’s always about me who messed up myself. I was so…

But I had to get up on my feet really soon. I have to. even if I have to shed thousands tears now, or tomorrow, I -as much as this world has took me down – have to smile. this problem didn’t worth my whole life, settle things up and get back to my life and have fun.

Life once, have no regret because you spend your time smiling and be happy, not crying.

one of the best thing (surprising things) is A’s sudden surprise. He isn’t kind of man who gives you flowers and stuff, say beautiful and romantic words. it doesn’t suit him at all. and he swear that he will never do that. it’s just not his style, he said that the last time I asked for flowers (roses). then couple days ago he came to my place brought this cute plant with him. He said on phone ‘I wanna give you flowers’ (soooooo honestly-minded hahahahaa) and when he in front of me He suddenly handed this little pot and I was like ‘where is the flower? it’s cactus’,
then I said. ‘OK, here it is’.
‘you just need to give water once a week. take care of it OK.’ and then he leaves.
that kind of surprises is cute somehow. when you know his personality very well, that will kill him just by imagining he’ll stand by the door and give what he called ‘flowers’ to girls. I like it, even tough I always have a hard time when when it comes to taking care of plant. I never make them live properly, with leaves, green, and produce flowers. never. 0% chance. but since this is cactus type, I think I can do better. at least make it live for the next couple months maybe. that will be magical…. hahahahaa.. let’s see, can I do the magic???

A's cute 'Flower'

A’s cute ‘Flower’

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