[book] idea. is all that matters.

Remember the quote I posted months ago about an idea. the quote I took from a movie titled Inception.

What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere.


the idea, is all that matters. it can be highly contagious, powerful, and sometimes drive me crazy. and now I am infected by this kind of diseases. Idea is all over my room’s wall sneak into my head when I was sleeping or when I was day dreaming.

Sketch Book by Timothy O'Donnell

Sketch Book by Timothy O’Donnell

so, the story is days ago I read this e-book ‘Sketchbook: Conceptual Drawings from the World’s Most Influential Designers’ by Timothy O’Donnell. It’s great. there are captures of the designers sketchbook, how they came up with an idea. it’s incredible. the fire is burning within me, I finally stated that I can do that at the end of page. no, not in professional term, just for fun and learn something new. because you know that I always bad when it comes to hand drawing. I never getting better, so I prefer to stay away from that kind of job and tend to coloring instead. but this book took me to a conclusion : PRACTICE. and search for a lot of inspiration around.

I have a journal to tell my story to and also served as my sketch book, I draw in sticky notes and put it all over the journal. 😀 that’s become a habit and since I read the book, I’m getting better.



me,you,and trouble

R.E.Z aka me

R.E.Z aka me


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