[story] Political Party gone mad??

It’s not that I list myself as a person who concern about political party that I never did before, neither I want to join into one. Any Political things (for me) sounds so dirty, sneaky, and full of lies. I believe that political party is a collection of peoples who thirst of fame, wealth and power to control what’s beneath them (support any party they belongs to and kill the others), gathering together to oppress civilians, take their money and they don’t give a damn about their life. they didn’t even care,  is the civilians well educated??? or life healthy??? do they have something to eat??? do they have home to come???

I used to be someone who ignore anything related to political things, to put it straight, I didn’t even use my election right in any ( for me Any means all, whole, everything ) election event held in my neighborhood. I just had enough with their bullshit, and I don’t wanna be fooled by them and break my own heart if they disappointing me.

But, that kind of ‘bad’ political things lately gone mad. soooo mad, to the point of it’s not just unhealthy and -ironically- crazy and stupid it’s a lot more critical to get rid of them all… hahahahahaa (extreme). I used to see how they took money that should be given to the civilians. lots of lack-of-nutrition-baby and kids. hundreds of children out there have to give up their dreams of high education because they didn’t have money to pay. and I used to see that they keep doing ridiculous things like having an affair with women, sleep during parliamentary session, were fighting (I mean fight for real, like punches, curses words etc) [again] during the parliamentary session. what I could be expected from those so called representative of Indonesians?? but at least I know, they are well-educated people (who makes that ridiculous things is a lot more silly). That’s the political life in Indonesia. This year we have 15 Political parties who has their own candidate for the president seat. it seems good right? to have voices of Indonesia being heard in the form of 15 parties. But, the reality, we just have numbers. but the quality of the government, the policy they made is faaar away from us, the civilians. it’s them and their political party life they care the most.

And lately, those political parties recruited some new members who doesn’t have political background. it came from actress or actor or even someone who dedicated his life for insulting peoples, stick his butt into peoples businesses. When I saw them in ‘Mata Najwa’ (a TV Show that interviewed all of those fame-seeker dudes and gals) I laughed ironically. here’s the greatest 3 of their ridiculous acts :

Mr. FA
I bet well educated, with good job and salary doesn’t make people mentally grown up and educated enough to deliver their opinions in the right way. This guy dedicated his life to insult lots of people with his rude words via Television or Tweeter (what a childish act), this guy also brag about made several drugs dealers, and corrupter to be released from jail. and he said that was his highest achievement (hahahahaa….. *ironic). and this year He is running for several government seat simultaneously such as a mayor, a National legislative seat, and (I just wanna hit my head to ensure that it wasn’t real) a President seat. I was Like… What The Hell???? that wasn’t everything. When Najwa (the host of Mata Najwa) interviewed him about his vision for Indonesia when He is elected, First, in education area he said. he will shorten education years in Indonesia. at the present a student in Indonesia have to go to school for 12 years to finish high school, and about 5 – 6 years more to get a master degree. and in His vision a student should have his master degree at the age of 16 years old. and the age of maturity should be cut off to 13 years old, not 17 years old. I think (from the point of view of someone who don’t know things like me) to set the maturity of a child is not only about how to cut it off. it’s a psychological things. they have to enjoy their childhood, play and learn and it needs process.
Second, also from the educational area. he said that there will be a difference school fees. smart students will pay nothing. but for the less-smart student (or in his way of say things ‘st***d students’) they have to pay. Najwa, the host, laugh ironically and asked did he pay for his school fees. He said yes. Well that explains a lot… hahahahaaa….

while from the economic area, Najwa asked what is his resolution to stabilize the economic condition in Indonesia, high inflation, market condition etc. but I didn’t think he understand the matter he has to face if he become the next president. Oh God, what kind of political party allowed him to join. He will ruin your reputation for God sake, all the controversial and childish acts, bad temper and uncontrolled mouth.  *ouggghhhhhh

Mr. R I
When the first guy talked politic from his imaginary world, think from his irrational point of view, this second man knows nothing about politic. I know… he is also well educated, even it’s not as good as the first one. But he is one of a role model in Indonesia, he is one of a guy who is respected by the crowd. As a role model that was Ok, but, as a President??? I think Politic is not him. it’s a whole different league, different world. When Najwa asked him several common public issues, all he’s been doing is running. He doesn’t know how to run a country, he said that those president things will be learned as there are lots of people around him to tell him regarding president stuff. But, the president seat is a seat that lot’s of people wants, if he depend just on his surrounding without his own sense, knowledge and idealism as a father of Indonesian, he would be just a doll sit the whole damn days in president seat without a voice, and other people will control him. Najwa was keep asking him lots of questions but his answer didn’t even hit the point of the question, The Host confused by his arguments and I confused as well, and I felt that something was tickling my belly….

Ms. AL
an actress, beautiful, well known, and great lip-service since she is an entertainer that’s their natural. it’s obvious that the party she joins to, is using her and her fame as an actress to take peoples attention to elect for her in the  name of her political party. while she knows nothing about politic. just like the second man above, I could see her nervousness, holding her hand, and stuttered while giving answers that didn’t make any sense. I thought her brain is not as beautiful as her face. and to be seated in Mata Najwa that likely to be her suicidal actions.

it’s not that Mata Najwa was trying to humiliate them. In fact Najwa was trying to educate us, educate them and their political party to be well qualified, government seat is not for someone who run for fame only, they are there for the country, for Indonesia. And President seat is not for fun dude, get real. that seat should be sacred, because the life of 200 millions people is in the shoulder of the person who sit in that sacred place. well, for myself I don’t think I will give my election right again this year for those stupid money and fame seeker. Thank you.

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