[story] idling

Been idling for quite a while now. Days move so fast and I couldn’t keep up. I still amazed by all the things that happened lately. February and March were a combo Bless from God. Because I was Married on 28th of February. hahahaaaa…… such a wonderful moment and I can’t tell you how happy I was(am) to be the wife of that wonderful man who always around for the last decade-almost hehe. So, the thing is I’ve been missed all of the Post that I should make to mark the special event in my life, my wedding day is one of them, and my birthday. But, Honestly. Every things came in a row (wedding preparation, move in to a new-rent-house, office things and lots of projects) and still coming for the following month. I had and have to finish and deal with lots of things. this marriage life which brought me a housework-shower that I never did before. Thank God, A always supportive and helpful. He never order me to do beyond my capabilities as a wife who has to do all(I mean aaaalllll) of house works things. We work together, clean and decorate the house we live in. a big hug every day is a steroid-kind-of-things who help me work things out. heheheeee…. it’s tiring honestly…. but it’s fuuunn… lot more fun than living alone without him and do my own stuff. and at the  end of the day, everyday, I always excited to welcome whatever happen the next day. this world is full of surprise and colors, when I am with him. My life is become real. Lots more real now.

Ok, gotta go. need to focus on my project..

Big Hug.. \(^_^)/

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