[story] R.I.P to what so called a Democratic Country

My first post after some period of time that feels like forever. its about politics. it’s not that I am one of the fans, it’s just there is something that tickling my belly lately. I am getting mad, upset, because of this whole drama they’ve played, and once again, even if I am not really into politic, I will tell you how sorry I am to see that the voices of Indonesian has been raped by our own ‘government’, or that’s how I used to call them.

It all began when their candidate for president seat was lose in the election and even after they took the proposal of re-election to the constitution, the proposal was rejected. when the rejection was announced back then, they swore to the public, they’ll make a move to show the upcoming President that their coalition got the power to  control the Parliament. and they mean that. after a while, their coalition propose to the parliament to stop the direct election of mayor in all of the city in Indonesia, and held a indirect-election instead. The citizen of Indonesia no longer needed in choosing their mayor. it will be done by the local government instead.

it’s obvious that most of the citizen reject it (I wonder if there is anyone who support this proposal) but they just like covering their eyes and ears and just go with all that they want to. What this country for them?? a playground for kids?? it’s an awfully childish act who whining because they lose the game. why can’t they just think about the positive side, being a gentlemen and work for the country instead of being busy kicking each other asses and put the whole country’s life in line just for their useless anger.

And since their proposal was approved by the parliament, we can do nothing but to speak up. the Indonesian should gather all together and tell them to change the decision. it’s time for them to hear the citizen’s ideas not just stuck on their own selfish ideas to protect their own seat and political party. they should remember that they meant to protect and represent the whole citizens of Indonesia, not only for their own party. They should keep that in mind.

So, let me state the final words. I’ll say Rest In Peace Indonesian Voices, Rest In Peace to what so called democratic country (that has been cost the souls of  students back then when they fought for democratic country) at the very end they died in vain. and before the put an end to this nonsense, and childish act we will [again] entering the dark ages of our fake democratic system. and transactional seat of mayor and corruption will be as easy as breathing the air…