[book] New Books in our Bookshelf

Me and Mr A  had a date on Sunday out of town. Manage to bought couple books and had a lunch together in my favorite fast food restaurant. I can’t forget the taste of beef-cheese Fusili pasta… sooo yummy and creamy,,, And since we out of town we also managed to bought books. To have a husband who share the same interest in reading and collecting books is a gift. Mr. A always said that this is one of out infestation, that’s why I shouldn’t value any of our book with how much Rupiahs we spent on it. I totally agree with him, because I do love the same thing. But the problem lies in me. The weird me always have a hard time to deal with time management everytime I have a new book around. I stuck on my book sooooo much, and every second I swam deeper and completely forgot about anythin -everything- but the world I experience in the book. worst me.

well, there are books that we bought :

the silkworm

Title : The Silkworm

Author : Robert Galbraith (a.k.a JK Rowling)

This is the second book of Cormoran Strike Series. I’d read the first book, and that was a good book. But, I think the second book is more thrilling. Can’t tell you the whole resume yet, because I just finish the half of the book. I always love the mystery case. collecting the evidence and Guessing who the bad guy really is and know the motif of their actions in the end is -somehow- challenging. I love the Detective Conan Series, movie. but I don’t know why, Sherlock Holmes series never really catch my attention. I’d read one years ago, and I wound up sleeping, or yawning when I read it. and never read it ever since. But, I’ll put that(Sherlock Holmes series) in my wish list book.



Title : Storm

Author : Brigid Kemmerer Continue reading

[quote] Programmers

Mostly, when you see programmers, they aren’t doing anything.
One of the attractive things about programmers is that you cannot tell whether or not they are working simply by looking at them.
Very often they’re sitting there seemingly drinking coffee and gossiping, or just staring into space. What the programmer is trying to do is get a handle on all the individual and unrelated ideas that are scampering around in his head.
—Charles M. Strauss

[IT] How to search on Google

Two days ago I became one of the speakers on “Indonesia Awan Pengetahuan” workshop with another 4 speakers ( Mr. Wawan, Mr. Syawal, Mr. Sumarli, and Mr. Sukisno). The purpose of the workshop is to educate teachers of all level about basic computer, internet, mind mapping, and office. And show them how to optimizing all the resources they’ve learned to build a strong and powerful subject for the students.

This article supposed to be delivered on the workshop, but because of several problems, this idea was slightly missing on the list. hahahahahaaaaa…… so I’ll post it here instead.

Basically, we can search on Google by type down our keywords. just any words. but it will make the range become too wide and less specific to what we want to. so here is the code or we can call it google cheat sheet to make search on google hit the point on what we want to find :


  1. AND ( + ) : To search over something that contains both/or more keywords that connected by this Operator :
    Example :
    waffle+recipe, waffle AND recipe

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[crochet] Seventh Month pregnancy and a Baby Blanket Project

it’s my seventh month of pregnancy. And it’s been soooo good with him around.. I always come to the doctor once in a month, to check up on my baby and my condition. I was having a hard time in the first three months of my pregnancy, morning sickness, I didn’t have any appetite on food ( I even lost 1 Kg each month) , over sensitive, I can’t smell anything or else I will vomit, I can’t taste something so strong, emotional, hard to had a sleep in the night but lied down on bed when morning came. I hate to see my kitchen, or the smell of onion, soap, or parfume. Mr. A had to use the perfume outside the house because I just couldn’t stand the smell. but since the end of fourth month, everything was getting better. Continue reading

[tutorial] Fungsi Terbilang Ms. Excel

Disamping formula – formula built-in yang memang sudah ada di excel, kita juga bisa membuat fungsi tambahan dengan menggunakan Macro. berikut ini adalah tutorial untuk merubah angka menjadi huruf terbilang dari angka yang di maksud. Untuk menggunakan fungsi terbilang ini terlebih dahulu anda download file macro (add-in) yang akan membantu kita menggunakan fungsi terbilang.

[Download add-in terbilang]

[Download Contoh file Kuitansi]

[Download tutorial Fungsi Terbilang (word)]

Untuk Microsoft Office Excel 2007 :

  1. Buka Excel Anda
  2. Klik Office Button (tombol yang bulat di pojok kiri atas ) pilih Excel Options
    Gambar 1

    Gambar 1


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