[crochet] Seventh Month pregnancy and a Baby Blanket Project

it’s my seventh month of pregnancy. And it’s been soooo good with him around.. I always come to the doctor once in a month, to check up on my baby and my condition. I was having a hard time in the first three months of my pregnancy, morning sickness, I didn’t have any appetite on food ( I even lost 1 Kg each month) , over sensitive, I can’t smell anything or else I will vomit, I can’t taste something so strong, emotional, hard to had a sleep in the night but lied down on bed when morning came. I hate to see my kitchen, or the smell of onion, soap, or parfume. Mr. A had to use the perfume outside the house because I just couldn’t stand the smell. but since the end of fourth month, everything was getting better.

I always imagine my baby will wear my hand-crocheted beanie,clothes, and shoes. that will be lovely. I’ve been worked on this blanket project ever since the first months. but too bad, that I’ve spent the first three months lying on the bad and busy to deal with that sickness, vomit and being so grumpy routine. the next several month when I was getting better was spent on work I left for the previous months, working on report application Mr. A asked me to make for his school, lecture, teaching, etc. so I just spare sometime among those activities to work on this blanket. I hope I can make it to a day when He is finally here and wear my warm blanket….

Here is the tutorial about the pattern I use for my baby blanket :

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