[IT] How to search on Google

Two days ago I became one of the speakers on “Indonesia Awan Pengetahuan” workshop with another 4 speakers ( Mr. Wawan, Mr. Syawal, Mr. Sumarli, and Mr. Sukisno). The purpose of the workshop is to educate teachers of all level about basic computer, internet, mind mapping, and office. And show them how to optimizing all the resources they’ve learned to build a strong and powerful subject for the students.

This article supposed to be delivered on the workshop, but because of several problems, this idea was slightly missing on the list. hahahahahaaaaa…… so I’ll post it here instead.

Basically, we can search on Google by type down our keywords. just any words. but it will make the range become too wide and less specific to what we want to. so here is the code or we can call it google cheat sheet to make search on google hit the point on what we want to find :


  1. AND ( + ) : To search over something that contains both/or more keywords that connected by this Operator :
    Example :
    waffle+recipe, waffle AND recipe

  2. OR ( | ) : To search over something that contains both or one of the keywords that connected by this operator
    Example : pancake | waffle, pancake OR waffle
  3. PHRASE (“…”) : To search over something that contains the phrase that written inside the quote
    Example : “Crochet Tutorial for Beginner”
  4. NOT ( – ) : To search over something that contains the keywords without the word that written after minus symbol.
    Example : when you type down car -race Google will search over the internet for the keywords of car… any car but car race.
  5. SYNONYM (~) : To make Google search over the synonym of something that related to certain keyword.
    Example : ~car , Google will give you all the synonyms of car
  6. ASTERIK (*) : This operator is a substitute on a missing word. in case you know part of the sentence but forget some of the word.
    Example : Alexander * Bell, The result query will show : Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Melville Bell, etc
  7. IGNORED WORDS : Google ignore these words when it used in keywords (a, about, an, and, are, as, at, b, by, from, how, i , in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, we, what, when, where, which, with)
  8. PLUS (+) [used in the beginning of keyword] : To make Google search over the keyword, not the plural or any tenses or synonyms. or it can be used to force Google no to ignore certain word that has this operator.
    example : +sock, will search just the word sock without its tenses and synonyms.
    +I spy, Force Google to take ‘I’ as a keyword.
  9. CASE INSENSITIVE : keywords that type on Google doesn’t have to be in uppercase or lower case since it doesn’t effect on the result query.
  10. I’M FEELING LUCKY : Takes you directly to first web page returned for your query



  1. DEFINE : to search the definitions of keywords you typed from every sources available.
  2. LINK : to show the list of sites that has link to the keyword.
  3. RELATED : to show the list of similar website or it has the relation to a site
  4. INFO : to show the information Google knows about a site that written as a keyword
  5. SITE : to show a special search over something in the specific site.
  6. FILE TYPE : to show the list of subject that has the extension  as mentioned in keyword

or you can go to Advance_search to use an advanced search on Google.

or you can also check the complete information related to symbols, punctuations and operators use in Google search here

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