[story] Peeping up my back


Sometimes, I think, it was okay to peeping up on the box loaded by the memories I try to lock. And everytime I tried to look back, I found that I am so lucky that I’ve been trough worse and worst events and I am now alive and happy. I’ve got myself upside down just to hold onto my life and love, tried to hold it really hard and hurt myself lots of times. I was begged, I was crawl on the ground, I swallow my pride,nothing is left for me to brag about, thought that I could make it last forever, hope that he’ll finally realize that I am the only one who could love him that much. But then finally I found myself on the desert, being left and alone. found that I fought for nothing. And I was there, alone, in pain. But that was long time ago, before ‘A’ came back and save me. took me out from my worst and hold my hands helped me to stand. and everything has changed since then, my life comes back to it’s path.

It’s okay to look back, to see that God saved me from what I couldn’t handle, that He gave me an angel with his sharp eyes and gorgeous smile, an angel that save me lots lots of times. An angel named M. Arif Rahman.

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