It is not possible to deal with all the things in our life. Good and bad things always around and we don’t have forever to deal it one by one everyday. so, If there are things that upset you, let you down, or when you are being issued by people around you. Let them deal with it. make your time to be positive, deal with things that give you strength, make you a better person. and let other be.

move forward and Let-It-Go is the key to everlasting happiness…… Yaaaayyyyy…..


Why is it So Hard to FALL IN LOVE

I am a teacher, you know that. a programming teacher. I can hardly become a professional programmer, because, one thing. I have a difficulties to ‘value’ my work. When I work on something, I’ll ask other people about that kind of ‘value’.. hahahaaaaa. Then I don’t think I can become one of that professional kinda person. Besides I am a woman who do something based on feelings. irrational, yes. But I can’t be somewhere I’m not comfortable. and it also goes on learning. I can’t learn something I don’t like to learn. But, Thank God I attracted to many things, and I have a curiosity trait on me. that’s my positive point. I love to learn. everything. anything.

I fall in love to science. I always wondering how gasoline can move that machine, how steam can transform to be electricity, how to extract electricity from water(not by taking the hydrogen), how to crochet, how people talk to each other in different languages, what is the ‘real’ history of human race, how the universe, how is other planet environment, is alien happen to exist?? questions of everything always buzzing inside  my head, and I got lots of difficulties to get rid of it. But again, love of science that force me to look for the answer. and Love also the only thing who make me learn Computer engineering instead of English literature. I love English, but I feel that me and computer is meant to be…hahahahhaaaa Continue reading