Why is it So Hard to FALL IN LOVE

I am a teacher, you know that. a programming teacher. I can hardly become a professional programmer, because, one thing. I have a difficulties to ‘value’ my work. When I work on something, I’ll ask other people about that kind of ‘value’.. hahahaaaaa. Then I don’t think I can become one of that professional kinda person. Besides I am a woman who do something based on feelings. irrational, yes. But I can’t be somewhere I’m not comfortable. and it also goes on learning. I can’t learn something I don’t like to learn. But, Thank God I attracted to many things, and I have a curiosity trait on me. that’s my positive point. I love to learn. everything. anything.

I fall in love to science. I always wondering how gasoline can move that machine, how steam can transform to be electricity, how to extract electricity from water(not by taking the hydrogen), how to crochet, how people talk to each other in different languages, what is the ‘real’ history of human race, how the universe, how is other planet environment, is alien happen to exist?? questions of everything always buzzing inside  my head, and I got lots of difficulties to get rid of it. But again, love of science that force me to look for the answer. and Love also the only thing who make me learn Computer engineering instead of English literature. I love English, but I feel that me and computer is meant to be…hahahahhaaaa

seriously, I was in my third year of high school when my English teacher was trying so hard to convince me to go to English lit. I -selfishly- forced them to help me to get a scholarship on Computer Engineering. 😀 I fall in love with this and I am not gonna give up. I didn’t remember I was complaining about programming project my lecturer gave me. Or, I couldn’t remember, I was sleeping loudly when I have an incomplete program or a full-of-bug program, and I couldn’t remember I was copying another students program. I just feel complete when I sit in front of computer, do whatever, including do my programming activity, or designing whatever. (may be that’s the most fav activity a loner has, like me)

But, nowaday it shocked me. When I asked my student in college ‘is there anyone of you who wants to be a programmer, because I found you gave a small interest in my class?’ they just looked at each other and laugh… I also found them complaining (always complain) about the project I gave them. and most of my third year student in high school also swore that they will never, ever, ever take this software engineering ever again. is it that difficult?? It’s been three years they learn the same thing over and over again. and yet, they never put their heart into it.

Some of them maybe enter this software engineering by accident, some maybe take it by chances, the rest maybe took it just to get Bachelor’s Certificates to meet the qualifications in their current workplace (some of my student in college is a worker), but again, why don’t take other department who interest you???

Learning is not a game, Time flies. Why waste it for something you don’t even care?? Why waste your money on something you don’t even like? Learning is like falling in love. it takes time, yes, it costs you money, yes. And don’t take it for granted. Learning should be like falling in love, If you happen to be there by accident, by chances or anything. rather than waste your money and time, you have two options

First, Live with it. try to fall in love with it. Process always difficult, you have to deal with it. it is your choices. it is a process for a better future. great things comes with great efforts. enjoy it. When you already stand somewhere higher, and when you looked back, it will be quite a story you will appreciate. and you will keep learning.

or, second, When you fail to fall in love with it, stand back and go away. Find something that will attract you, make you crazy on it and don’t stop learning. be in love…

Learn is a sacred things you can’t take it for granted. it is things that will change us, will lead us to a better future not just for you but human race. Love the science, open your heart for new things and another adventure….

and Be in love…….

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