Forever be my biggest supporter, even while he sleep

Here I am, 4.30 PM in my workplace, uploading this and that, checking here and there out of internet stuffs. Sitting on the chair behind me is my biggest supporter. waiting and sleeping. so tired of work, had to go everywhere, around the city today.

Just there, around me. and everything seems so complete. having you as my supporter feels like I already have the whole world. Thank you, A. I don’t know how to express it. but, I never doubt that I am one of the luckiest woman on earth. and I love you.

[stikom] Desain web dan Perencanaan Situs

Materi Web Design Kelas Hari Kamis Sesi 1-3

Desain Perencanaan situs [download]

Note : tugas Buat sebuah halaman index dengan desain sesuai dengan tema yang di pilih. Desain Web halaman tersebut harus sesuai dengan tema yang dipilih, baca materi untuk mengetahui cara menentukan desain sesuai dengan user dan fungsi dari website anda. tugas di kumpulkan minggu depan dalam format html (soft copy). trims