Oh…so called Country

There was a saying, a quotation by former President of USA, ‘don’t think about what your country give you, think about what you can give for your country’ what a nice and beautiful words,yes??

But, first, you have to know the clear definition of what so called the bigest entity in this earth. and what’s the responsibility to it’s people.

According to Charles E. Merriem in “The Making of Citizens: A Comparative Study of Methods of Civic Training” (1961), there a five functions of the country :
  • To give justice
  • Give the protection to the citizen (both who live inside the teritory or abroad)
  • Deffense
  • Cariying out demolition
  • Welfare of the people

It is compulsory for the country to protect, to serve, to deffend the people beneath it’s flag. And in return the people will fight to protect their very land. In Indonesia we called our country as ‘ibu pertiwi’. Ibu means mother and pertiwi means earth, land of indonesia. Means what??? Means that we suppose to value this country like a mother. A mother who give birth to her childreen, a mother who give us her whole treasure just to make the childreen survive. And in return we have to love her unconditionaly not exploit her,not using her to our advantages. We live in the same country. We are one big family. And this huge family has the government to run anf solve all the family issues.

but, look. Look at how far we’ve been walk away from a mother we have to protect. How many step we leave her being hurt, exploited, burned down, sold by the only person she is trying to protect till the end, indonesian. As far as I can see there are poverty all around, Kids that supposed to be enjoying their childhood, no longer have any chance to enjoy it, dropped out from school because they can’t afford school fees. Lots of toddler dead and dying in Sumatra because of a thick smoke covered their home for months. Corruption is like a nature of the the governments, exploitation of natural resources till the last drop and Indonesia get almost nothing but environmental damage and the list goes on..

If I have to mention it one by one I think I am going to explode. When I saw lots of talented students dropped out from school or couldn’t get any close to university because they just can’t afford school fees. and when I look old man, or kids scattered around begged for money, I just… it was breaking my heart. Yet the corruption is like a never ending chain of hell. it likes they cut out the blood vein. it paralyze the whole nation.

dear you, our decent representatives out there. What is your intention anyway??? if you want to earn money, why don’t you get to work, start another business instead of fooling around the nation stuffs??? don’t you feel hurt to see your people in pain??? struggling alone for their life. even the children has to be a part time scavenger to help their parents earn money for daily necessities and school. why don’t you try to put your own children on their place?? see, if you feel hurt to see your own son/daughter has to help you earn for living. so passionate for school yet you don’t have enough money to pay. see how the dreams of your children being washed away along the reality that getting hard. Let’s we see how much your heart is broken. or, why don’t we put your family in Sumatra when thick smoke covering the island, when the sun couldn’t break the barricade of smokes?? Let’s see how many days your family could take it, without AC or anything??? let’s see how loud your scream out of pain to see your family dying in front of you because of something that shouldn’t be happen if the government do better?  You wouldn’t have the courage to try it… you won’t even imagine it. because it hurts. it hurts so much…. so, if it hurts for you just by thinking about it, how you supposed to think that they have to endure it a little longer??

You… most of you might say that ‘don’t put all the burdens on the government shoulder, try to help us, try to do better on your own for the sake of your nation’ What the hell??? if you can’t bear the burden, you shouldn’t be the government. if you just wanna take the money without doing your responsibility then be a mob instead of sitting on that holy place. We put our life in the line, we put almost our everything. and yet, you just took it away with nice smile and luxury life. went abroad to do comparative study you said while we have lots of, massive issues to be solved. oh God…. What the hell were you thinking???

and in the end, if the Government failed the function of the nations, then what the nations is for?? I am not usually whining about this and that related to this country issues. but this is too much. I break my heart lots of time to see the people of indonesia struggled for their life. Hope someday they will realize it. or better, could some one drag them all down, and change them with a better person who committed to save this country, not step on it.

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