[story] perfect?

I was stroling out of youtube videos when I found that there are lots of negative even rude and offensive comments on almost every videos. Even something like card making DIY videos got some negative comments.

Anf not just in youtube. We could find the same people scater on every social medias nowadays..

I just… I don’t get it. How those offensive and rude words somehow delight the writer. How does it feels to make other people feel bad and down. Does it feels great?? And some other people tend to reply with another more horrible way possible -especialy for something sensitive like religion etc.

Moslem always being issued lots of times(massively)  since 9/11 tragedy. they point their finger to all of the moslem living in this earth without knowing who we really are. without asking is it Islam asked us (moslem) to do the same thing to all the non-moslem. do our religion teach us violence. No. They didn’t ask at all, they just observe from far away, read our holy book without any assist from moslem who know the Qur’an better, and the result is, they play on our holy book and recite it carelessly just to humiliate our religion and prophet. and sometimes they also recite from a fake hadits.

I’ve been read and watch lots of videos, containing those articles that humiliate moslem, accuse people of palestine as genocidal, said that we, moslem, only bring destruction and pain, and death. that we want to slaughter the non-moslem anytime possible. you, if you are happen to love your religion to death, if you are a people who value your religion, your God more than your own life, what will you do???? You’ll rage, I did. at the first time, my blood presure is rising up, my adrenaline was up. I want to write every bad words as my way to pay back this humiliation. Then I thought that what really is my point?? is it to release my anger to someone who know nothing about islam?? or is it fixing their point of you by show them how we moslem behave to other people. and then I know, the way we talk and behave is representing what we learn. I learn that Islam is a religion of peace, we won’t attack people unless it is necessary to defend our self. and that’s what I want to show them. so, instead of releasing my anger, I stayed back and cooled down for a moment and then I made my reply. I told him, what he didn’t know about Islam. what really is happening in Palestine. and even tough the reply seems to be offensive a little bit, but at least he replied in a proper way. he state his arguments, and I did the same thing. it wasn’t end smoothly but at least he read it. maybe my words didn’t change anything at that time. but if we think optimistically I hope some other people will read it. and cut the chain of hatred. or maybe my comments could be taken as consideration before he make another article….

hope so…

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