A Woman in the cave is sneaking into society

I missed lots of events to be posted on my blog posts. I missed my little A’s birthday. missed my wedding anniv. my birth day and Big A’s birthday…. and of course I missed my current bussiness progress.

the truth is that the progress of my crochet bussiness is overwhelming for both of my hands hehe. I couldn’t take a single seconds flip of my hands. and the piles of orders keep my hands busy. so I have to manage time wisely. I am the only person who runs my own company (wkwkwk… the words company sounds toooo good, but hope so) I am the one who take the order, who do the order, and I also do the marketing job and publication. I am the photographer, I am the writter, literally I am the ‘everything’ in my company. I don’t have a time to post. to update status on my facebook account as often as before, just a glance on recipe posts and FB’s feed 10 minutes before I fell asleep. that in my case fell asleep beautifuly every night is a rare ocation, because I used to wake up with hook still in my hand and yarn was all over my body… so, for the past 2-3 months, sleeping 8 hours a day is a luxury I cannot afford. and I start to realize that if I keep this habbit I will not make to my 50th birthday. hahahaa.. but I do want to expand this bussiness. so I am recruiting a crocheter. but finding a person who crochet the way we do is not easy. because it’s personal. and it’s in my brand…. (oh gosh I am talking about brand. who am I??? Robert Kiyosaki??? hahahaha) but I’ll find a way.

all in all, I am trying to survive now, survive the obstacles to reach my big dreams. and it’s hectic, time and energy consuming, but i will survive, somehow with the help of God. I might not be able to post as much as I did, but I’ll make my time to keep up…