[crochet] Beanie with Ear cap


Made a beanie with ear cap for our little A.

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Arkhan Al-Fatih Rahman

Arkhan Al-Fatih Rahman

My Baby boy was born on 24th of December 2014 at 2.20 AM, Arkhan Al-Fatih Rahman. it’s always been a pleasure to have him around for this 9 months. And when He finally here, it feels like I’ve known him for the rest of my life. He is the reason for everything, anything. When I was a single, I was amazed and wondering how a Mother could sacrifice their life for their children. How could a woman love their children more than they love their own life. But when I finally there, be a mother for my beautiful, gorgeous and shining baby boy, I think I know, how it feels like. Like when I look at his eyes and all the happiness in this world is gathering inside my heart. or how I broke my heart to see him lay down, closed eyes, unable to breath for several minutes and he went all pale and his lips went blue, how I tell to God that I would give my life for his. When he finally crying after relatives gave him a massage in his back and doctor gave him oxygen and said that we could back home and he is fine, I thought I could live again. and that was happened yesterday when he reach 7 days of his life on this earth. I went back to the hospital in the night on the same day he went in because I just found him lay down, was sleeping all the time and didn’t give any response when we tried to woke him up to drink his milk, I went crazy [again] and rush to the hospital to save my baby and swore I would never leave that hospital until my baby is fine. But, Turns out he was just sleeping, the fun part is He woke up on the emergency unit’s bed (after minutes we tried to woke him up even on our way to hospital). All we could do was laughing. He blinked his eyes several times and looked at us with his crystal eyes. I love him, God. More than I love my own life. That I could give my life as an exchange for his life.