[crochet] Roses

So, this is my buyers most favorite picks…. lots of people request for this kind of brooch…. and I am happy, not because I sold it, but more like…Β a happiness (more than just a happiness) because people love things I made. and I am really made them with all of my heart (note on all-off-my-heart words) I mean it, it’s my passion. I fell in love to crochet since I was a little girl, and I always be. And since 3 years ago, when I start to learn crochet, I know she is my mate. Β it’s never only about how to sell it, but it’s more like how people will love it. To make other people wear something you create, it’s a never ending inspiration to create more, to love it more, and to do more, to make them happy, and look up for something more… so, buyers, re-sellers and everybody who appreciate and love what I did and what I make. thank you, for always support me and give me a never ending inspirations. you are my best. #loveyouall


[crochet] Set of Flowers

I made crochet flowers and share them in my facebook account. turns out lots of people appreciate it and request it for them self. heheheeee….. The first plan is I want to try a new business in crochet accessories. I’ll make the accessories and my student will sell it in her university. But, I still working on an application for Mr. A’s Office, and still didn’t get so much time to mass production the accessories so I uploaded some of my -stealing time- crochet work. and here I am accepting order and at the same time, working on Mr. A’s Application, teaching, lecturing, being a good housewives and mother wanna be, try to make lots of accessories to take to Jember. That’s lots of things to do..

Here is the accessories I made, recently :


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[crochet] Seventh Month pregnancy and a Baby Blanket Project

it’s my seventh month of pregnancy. And it’s been soooo good with him around.. I always come to the doctor once in a month, to check up on my baby and my condition. I was having a hard time in the first three months of my pregnancy, morning sickness, I didn’t have any appetite on food ( I even lost 1 Kg each month) , over sensitive, I can’t smell anything or else I will vomit, I can’t taste something so strong, emotional, hard to had a sleep in the night but lied down on bed when morning came. I hate to see my kitchen, or the smell of onion, soap, or parfume. Mr. A had to use the perfume outside the house because I just couldn’t stand the smell. but since the end of fourth month, everything was getting better. Continue reading

[macrame] Star Flower

I heard ‘macrame’ from a tv show and it was calling me. it’s my natural to be attracted to new, unique, handmade things. so, I search over google and youtube for the tutorial.Β  and since yesterday I was trying to make a ‘simple’ star flower from various colors of yarns. when I saw the tutorial in youtube, I am 100% sure that this is easy… but, at first attempt, I didn’t even know how to make the right knot. and the yarn is got all over the way like an octopus tentacle. so, I put that aside. and at the second attempt, I was getting better, but still, all of the yarns in one side of the star looks mess, and looks different because I screwed up with the knot [again].and today At the third attempt, it was getting closer, but the center of the star still didn’t connect, so when I pull each side, my star will form a line… -_- need to start the fourth attempt.

But… here’s the pictures of ….. all the attempts I’ve tried. I’ll keep trying because it’s fuuuunnn… God gave us brain an the capabilities to think. we can learn anything….anything you wish. Ganbate!!!!




This is the tutorial video from youtube made and uploaded by MacrameSchool, enjoy