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Words can do 'that' much

I always said that I have dreams.. Dreams I want to pursue since I graduated from college. Before that, I didn’t even have a courage to think that I will make my way to college because of our economic issues. But, Luckily I have a broaden minded Mom. She never give up on me. on our condition. She said that economic never been our issues when it comes to education. I never late to pay my school fees by the way, despite the reality that on the other hand we have to manage our money tightly on clothes, house, food etc.

But since I got a scholarship to continue my study to university. I learn to dream BIG. I learn that we are able to reach anything… anything at all as long as we fight for it and pray.

I want to reach every corner of the galaxy..heheheee my galaxy name…

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[stikom] Desain web dan Perencanaan Situs

Materi Web Design Kelas Hari Kamis Sesi 1-3

Desain Perencanaan situs [download]

Note : tugas Buat sebuah halaman index dengan desain sesuai dengan tema yang di pilih. Desain Web halaman tersebut harus sesuai dengan tema yang dipilih, baca materi untuk mengetahui cara menentukan desain sesuai dengan user dan fungsi dari website anda. tugas di kumpulkan minggu depan dalam format html (soft copy). trims

[story] Peeping up my back


Sometimes, I think, it was okay to peeping up on the box loaded by the memories I try to lock. And everytime I tried to look back, I found that I am so lucky that I’ve been trough worse and worst events and I am now alive and happy. I’ve got myself upside down just to hold onto my life and love, tried to hold it really hard and hurt myself lots of times. I was begged, I was crawl on the ground, I swallow my pride,nothing is left for me to brag about, thought that I could make it last forever, hope that he’ll finally realize that I am the only one who could love him that much. But then finally I found myself on the desert, being left and alone. found that I fought for nothing. And I was there, alone, in pain. But that was long time ago, before ‘A’ came back and save me. took me out from my worst and hold my hands helped me to stand. and everything has changed since then, my life comes back to it’s path.

It’s okay to look back, to see that God saved me from what I couldn’t handle, that He gave me an angel with his sharp eyes and gorgeous smile, an angel that save me lots lots of times. An angel named M. Arif Rahman.

[travel] Discover Banyuwangi, The Sunrise of Java

Banyuwangi, My Home Town is a city located among forest, mountains, and seas. This city located in the very east of Java island, we, just like Banyuwangi’s tag line as the SUNRISE OF JAVA, is the very fist place to see the sunrise before another city in Java. Banyuwangi has lots of natural and cultural potentials. there are lots of natural potential to explore, Banyuwangi has G-LAND (surfing place), national parks, and the infamous Blue Flame of Ijen Crater that has been attracting lots of tourist form all over the world. We also has lots of cultural ceremony, exotic dances and ethnic carnival that held annually.

And lately the government of Banyuwangi made this video to help you find out more about Banyuwangi and all of it’s potential that ready to explore. both natural and cultural potential is  wrapped in one destination. so, discover Banyuwangi, exploring the beauty of nature and culture of Banyuwangi.

Welcome, To banyuwangi. The SUNRISE OF JAVA

Here is one of my favorite blog, who always put me in an awe state, forget to blink for a moment -and giving a more dramatic figure- with a mouth open.
her work are awesome, I love how she natural-dye her fabric and stitch it beautifully, and her cool sketches


it seems i can’t stop making postcards

these 2 are for a couple of my stitching friendspostcard for maz b  - rita summers 2013postcard for ruth b - rita summers 2013the backs are made from an upcycled manilla folder fused with some fabric from my stashpostcard back for maz + ruth - rita summers 20133 rounds of zig zag and 1 of straight stitch hold the front and back together

[needlefelted fabrics, lace, roving and yarn on piece of upcycled knitwear;  hand embroidered; machine finished]

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