[crochet] Little Bag for the Little Princess

Little crochet Bag

Little crochet Bag

Made two cute crochet bags for my cute nieces, one of them is 2 years old and the other one is second year in elementary school. when I handed the bag to my 2 years old niece she was going around and carried that bag with her. she was cute. Continue reading

[crochet] Blue Bag

This almost done blue bag crochet is for my suppppeeer little sister. She never asked me so I offer her a crochet bag for her self. so, weeeeks ago I took her for yarn-shopping. she picks the yarn herself. it’s obvious that she will take the blue one. She likes blue. my crocheting activity has been suspended for weeks due to Mr. A’s Birthday preparation. and start over when it’s done.

so here is the bag, I don’t have the pattern because it’s a incidental-simple idea. I’ll post the picture of the finished bag later. 😀 😀

[crochet] Bag Project No. 1

My other area of interest is crochet. I like making things, accessories, a lot of butterflies, flowers, bags, pouches etc. My most favorite things is make bags. I can adjust it to my liking, beside I don’t have to but another bag because I can make one, why bother to buy and spend money when you can make it by your self???? it’s fun. \(^_^)/ crochet is one of the greatest invention ever…ever….ever…. so here is the purse I made months ago.

Crochet Purse

Crochet Purse 1

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