[tutorial] Fungsi Terbilang Ms. Excel

Disamping formula – formula built-in yang memang sudah ada di excel, kita juga bisa membuat fungsi tambahan dengan menggunakan Macro. berikut ini adalah tutorial untuk merubah angka menjadi huruf terbilang dari angka yang di maksud. Untuk menggunakan fungsi terbilang ini terlebih dahulu anda download file macro (add-in) yang akan membantu kita menggunakan fungsi terbilang.

[Download add-in terbilang]

[Download Contoh file Kuitansi]

[Download tutorial Fungsi Terbilang (word)]

Untuk Microsoft Office Excel 2007 :

  1. Buka Excel Anda
  2. Klik Office Button (tombol yang bulat di pojok kiri atas ) pilih Excel Options
    Gambar 1

    Gambar 1


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[travel] Discover Banyuwangi, The Sunrise of Java

Banyuwangi, My Home Town is a city located among forest, mountains, and seas. This city located in the very east of Java island, we, just like Banyuwangi’s tag line as the SUNRISE OF JAVA, is the very fist place to see the sunrise before another city in Java. Banyuwangi has lots of natural and cultural potentials. there are lots of natural potential to explore, Banyuwangi has G-LAND (surfing place), national parks, and the infamous Blue Flame of Ijen Crater that has been attracting lots of tourist form all over the world. We also has lots of cultural ceremony, exotic dances and ethnic carnival that held annually.

And lately the government of Banyuwangi made this video to help you find out more about Banyuwangi and all of it’s potential that ready to explore. both natural and cultural potential is  wrapped in one destination. so, discover Banyuwangi, exploring the beauty of nature and culture of Banyuwangi.

Welcome, To banyuwangi. The SUNRISE OF JAVA

[events] on Wrap

Lot’s of things happened recently. Kinda busy, so I’ll wrap it all together in this post. 😀

  1. Sister’s Graduation Ceremonny
    I have a little sister who has been graduated from Senior High School. and the graduation ceremony was held a month ago (I know it’s long enough to be called recently). When I was attending the ceremony, I mesmerized by the way high scholar look. All pretty makeup and beautiful clothes, all of them wore Kebaya (Java Traditinal Clothes), most of them wore modern kebaya tough. it almost like Kebaya Parade, and I like it. and the maxi-skirt-like pattern is what we(Indonesian) call batik. it has various patterns sometimes every area has a unique batik pattern, or sometimes unique color. In Banyuwangi itself(place where I live) we have a unique pattern called ‘Gajah Oling’
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[travel] Great Effort = Amazing Beach

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay

The place we suppose to visit, Green Bay
source (http://backpackerindonesia.com/trip/)

have you ever hear the old say ‘great effort equals to great result’ that’s what I believe and that’s what I did. I used to admire the beauty of this place. I’ve been longing to see such a pure beauty of this beach, Green Bay and its surround beach (rajegwesi, sukamade). Aaaaaaannnd Fortunately 11th of March (could you even imagine that I skip my Monday-shift in Vocational High School just to… you know… having fun) as the request of my lovely students, I went to Green Bay with them. It was a looooong looooooooooong ride, and rough. did I say rough… Sory I mean, terribly rough. I have to walk so the motorcycle will loose it’s 25 Pounds weight, I am that heavy you know..heheeheee Continue reading

[travel] Clean Air

This place ‘Kalibendo’ is one of my favorite place to run into when everything becomes out of control, when I felt so confuse with everyone and place where I run to when I need a  ‘private’ time. 😀 trees always calling me, I love to be around them. this place is a clove plantation in the outer area, but if you go farther you’ll meet a refreshing,cute river -this part I love most. and when you want to go deeper, you will find a very isolated (just to express that the place completelly hidden) waterfall. Continue reading

[travel] Evening Picnic

#1, Like the most.

#1, Like the most.

I went to the beach for the evening picnic with my student, I brought chocolate, lots of them. We used to go to places that ‘jungle-like’, and now I took her to somewhere more watery…. watery?? heheheh.
and I love how the photo bucket’s editor do magic to my picture, it looks….. great. here is the result of the picture.

captured by : Anisa Rizky
Location : Watudodol Beach, Banyuwangi, West Java, Indonesia
Model : Me… ^_^
Gadget : Samsung Galaxy Mini
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[travel] Morning Walk Around The City

The Port

The Port

I’m not used to wandering around in the early morning when my bed is still hugging me soooooooo warm… hehehhee… but today is sunday, and my super-lil’-sister decided to stay and didn’t go home. So, it’s a treat. I took her for a ride around the city in early morning on sundaaaayyy… where everyone go out of their house and enjoy their holiday. I technically hate the crowd but I think I’ll deal with it today.

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[travel] Ijen Crater

Blue Flame of Ijen Crater

Blue Flame of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater located in Indonesia, East Java Province, Banyuwangi District.  Well, it’s my home town, I come to the crater once in six months and this is my second trip to Ijen this year. I won’t tell you the technical Information about Ijen, (wiki already did that hehe) But in this post I just want to share the feel. I fall in love all over again every time I visit the place. what a beautiful sight. How could nature become so awesome even my heart beat so fast every time I see it. and I’ll never forget the experience for the next six months till I come to Ijen again. Some of tourists also feel the same way. Ijen left a deep impression in their heart.
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