[book] New Books in our Bookshelf

Me and Mr A  had a date on Sunday out of town. Manage to bought couple books and had a lunch together in my favorite fast food restaurant. I can’t forget the taste of beef-cheese Fusili pasta… sooo yummy and creamy,,, And since we out of town we also managed to bought books. To have a husband who share the same interest in reading and collecting books is a gift. Mr. A always said that this is one of out infestation, that’s why I shouldn’t value any of our book with how much Rupiahs we spent on it. I totally agree with him, because I do love the same thing. But the problem lies in me. The weird me always have a hard time to deal with time management everytime I have a new book around. I stuck on my book sooooo much, and every second I swam deeper and completely forgot about anythin -everything- but the world I experience in the book. worst me.

well, there are books that we bought :

the silkworm

Title : The Silkworm

Author : Robert Galbraith (a.k.a JK Rowling)

This is the second book of Cormoran Strike Series. I’d read the first book, and that was a good book. But, I think the second book is more thrilling. Can’t tell you the whole resume yet, because I just finish the half of the book. I always love the mystery case. collecting the evidence and Guessing who the bad guy really is and know the motif of their actions in the end is -somehow- challenging. I love the Detective Conan Series, movie. but I don’t know why, Sherlock Holmes series never really catch my attention. I’d read one years ago, and I wound up sleeping, or yawning when I read it. and never read it ever since. But, I’ll put that(Sherlock Holmes series) in my wish list book.



Title : Storm

Author : Brigid Kemmerer Continue reading