[DIY] Whose got me stay up all night??

I’ve been working on simultaneous random things this week that got me wide awake with glass of hot coffee in my desk.

Crochet :

Up : a little crochet bag for my nephew down : a crochet soft case for my sister's notebook.

Up : a little crochet bag for my nephew down : a crochet soft case for my sister’s notebook.

Explosion Box :
Remember the explosion box I made for Mr. A for his birthday. Last Month, I made it again for my friends for His Girlfriends birthday [happy]. and this week my student asked me to make one for her friends birthday. so, that’s what I am gonna do and stick with for the next days (or weeks). Here is the last explosion box I made last month :

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[crochet] Little Bag for the Little Princess

Little crochet Bag

Little crochet Bag

Made two cute crochet bags for my cute nieces, one of them is 2 years old and the other one is second year in elementary school. when I handed the bag to my 2 years old niece she was going around and carried that bag with her. she was cute. Continue reading

[crochet] Working on Granny Square Bag

I am working on this bag. I made bunch of granny squares to make quite big sling bag.  you know, I really like to take my notes, pen, and book everywhere I go. Sometimes small bag just confused me when I want to take those lovely things with me. Can’t wait to finish this bag….. Yay…yay…yay…. just some squares to go…. (some means 15 / more )

2013-09-16 11.35.18

Granny Squares bag is on her way


I like wall art, was trying to make one. hahahahaa its not even considered as a wall art, but I’m glad I make it and hanging this thing in my wall. It’s cute…. I made this from the pieces I used for stop motion. recycling is a great things to do you know… you never know what they can be once you start to stick with it.. 😀

2013-03-22 23.33.58

An Old Version

2013-09-05 01.38.55

New Version


[crochet] Blue Bag

This almost done blue bag crochet is for my suppppeeer little sister. She never asked me so I offer her a crochet bag for her self. so, weeeeks ago I took her for yarn-shopping. she picks the yarn herself. it’s obvious that she will take the blue one. She likes blue. my crocheting activity has been suspended for weeks due to Mr. A’s Birthday preparation. and start over when it’s done.

so here is the bag, I don’t have the pattern because it’s a incidental-simple idea. I’ll post the picture of the finished bag later. 😀 😀