[tutorial] Database Connection in JSP with JSTL

I wrote the post about how to connect JSP applications and your Database, and in this post I’ll write the post that has same purpose but in the different way. we’ll connect the database via JSTL.

The project in this tutorial was made in the same project before, I just make another page in the same project. Continue reading

[tutorial] Database Connection in JSP

have I told you that I am both a Programming teacher in Vocational High School and Lecturer in one of college in town. So, now in vocational high school we are in the second semester this year and based on the teaching subject that shared among the teachers, I -again- assigned to teach Java Server Page. I am a Web-Based-Application freak and I love web Programming. Web Programming allow me make the Program and designed the page at the same time. but I am more like a PHP Girl rather than a Java Woman, and I don’t want to cheat him… I don’t know, it isn’t like I hate Java, I just not so get along with him…. sorry Mr. Java.

But if the boss said that I have to teach it, so be it. When the First semester of the third class was learn about the basic of JSP, now this semester I will connect their application with the Database.

Application you might need : Continue reading