[DIY] Whose got me stay up all night??

I’ve been working on simultaneous random things this week that got me wide awake with glass of hot coffee in my desk.

Crochet :

Up : a little crochet bag for my nephew down : a crochet soft case for my sister's notebook.

Up : a little crochet bag for my nephew down : a crochet soft case for my sister’s notebook.

Explosion Box :
Remember the explosion box I made for Mr. A for his birthday. Last Month, I made it again for my friends for His Girlfriends birthday [happy]. and this week my student asked me to make one for her friends birthday. so, that’s what I am gonna do and stick with for the next days (or weeks). Here is the last explosion box I made last month :

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A’s Check Point

2nd of April was A’s Birthday…. I was preparing the whole things. From call his students to ask for cooperation, ask his sister to sleepover in my board, bought a cake, made an explosion box, and stop motion. ^_^ the idea is, me and his sister surprise him with a birthday cake early morning say ‘happy birthday’ that simple.

In your 27th birthday (you tricked me, and I happened to believe that you were 1988 dude…. ck… sneaky) I just hope that your life will be meaningful for everyone around you. love you family as always, and allow me to open the door, please. 😀

here is the stop motion I made, I was capturing about 420 pictures for whole animation. it’s not as good as what I saw in the youtube, less light and tripod. sorry, A. I’ll do better next time. hihi…

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