Here is one of my favorite blog, who always put me in an awe state, forget to blink for a moment -and giving a more dramatic figure- with a mouth open.
her work are awesome, I love how she natural-dye her fabric and stitch it beautifully, and her cool sketches


it seems i can’t stop making postcards

these 2 are for a couple of my stitching friendspostcard for maz b  - rita summers 2013postcard for ruth b - rita summers 2013the backs are made from an upcycled manilla folder fused with some fabric from my stashpostcard back for maz + ruth - rita summers 20133 rounds of zig zag and 1 of straight stitch hold the front and back together

[needlefelted fabrics, lace, roving and yarn on piece of upcycled knitwear;  hand embroidered; machine finished]

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